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  • Nexon NA Doesn't listen to us Players At all !!!!

    Uh more like they aren't even around anymore. I have not seen any actual HUMANIZED responses from this game in almost 3 years. its been almost completely taken over by automatic robotic responses and even robotic gm events. If you ask me nexon does not spend an hour even in the office all they do now is hire people to make the most derailing responses on forums and live chat then end you up with absolutely not a miniscule of a fix for any bug/issue/exploit YET they say these game changing problems are being "looked into" or "obviously known about by now" yet they do NOTHING for months or even years as they claim their supposed to. I miss the old GM's and mods that would actually log hours onto the game to patrol it and keep people from destroying the game in line. That's completely gone now.
  • Remove Elites

    Honestly if you start to think about it, elite bosses have almost destroyed all the "pleasure of rewards" in this game now. It used to be different. When they were first introduced it was like that actually because it took dedication to spawn one. But, naturally people find ways to abuse the heck out of it. Getting clean slates before they were introduced to elites was like a once a every few month event that had a limited amount. But, nether the less still farmable if you had multiple characters participating. At first before they 'revamped' elites with the reward boxes the amount of pop up messages from literally 99% ONLY bots was so annoying to watch all day long. It'd be a once in a blue moon occasion to see a player with a name that isn't computer generated number/letter combos getting them. Then there was the issue post-elite revamp where people would camp at low level maps KSing innocent players just trying to gain a few levels, so they could get a single box containing 1 random elite reward, and most of the time the players using like second job skills at the time trying to train missed out. The only item that doesn't really pose an issue involving the change of the way this game is played is the protection scroll rewards. If you want to keep giving out prime scrolls they should be readily available. Anyway, now what's been happening is people are using their bots to farm honestly so many slates (in particular) as well as so many F2P cubes making fortunes off it. I'm not against F2P in anyway but this isn't the idea of a "better maple" when bots have the ability to farm shops full of 30% endgame main-pot items on a daily basis along with having around 500+clean slates. The idea of the reward shop is perfect because the monthly limit(even though OCD money addicts ruined star planet with botting for them on their comps running like 50 clients). And yes of course everything changes over time in life and also that applies to how games like this run. But the lack of effort to keep the game stable and so thrilling to play like it used to be is being ruined with ignorance from Nexon not doing anything. Its making it so that almost the ONLY way to make some kind of dent in progression throughout this game now is by spending in real life money whether its on event items in the cash shop or buying peoples items who've quit on the black market.
  • Customer apprciation/aknowledgement/consideration

    I'm not here to bash Nexon or anything but honestly the way the community and LOYAL players who have been dedicated to this game since they were almost children need to get some kind of "reimbursement" for the absolute intolerable lack of dedication and ignorance lack of respect the employees at Nexon have been showing us the past few years it seems... Years back there used to be a very clear way of communication within players and moderators. We used to have events involving ACTUAL living GM players.(would even have a conversation with you) For the last previous years all we've been given is the same events with ROBOT mods hosting them. The ticket system has been completely reorganized to the point where I don't even BOTHER sending any kind of reports anymore, because either they're automated robotic responses or the "customer support team" is so unaware and unable to communicate with the rest of their team it makes me sad and give up hope even bothering. This game has become more of an issue then it is a hobby the last few years. Almost every SINGLE addition to the game is just simply a copy-paste-translation from KMS and is almost 70% of the time untranslated properly introducing countless of waited out bug fixes. The most IMPORTANT issues going on in the game such as event hall lag(reported almost DAILY for past like 8+months(seeing from all the almost DAILY forum posts)) which has restricted countless of players from accessing the features/events/coin shops in there. Another thing the Nexon corp. hasn't even done a SINGLE thing about, which has altered the game forever at this point, is the elite farming bots. Not only has it made prices from originally being stable to a certain amount of power with the item. THATS gone. There are bots that can farm cubes almost enough to fit up entire accounts with them that can all be cubed to legendary END-game items. Makes people say "why bother buying red/black cubes, bots sell for almost 7b 30% items now"... Like woo-hoo forum mods can play the game too but they don't really have any advanced privileges as actual GM's with GM functions available like in-game banning privileges as MODERATOR gms used to have. And once again no disrespect intended to the forum mods and such but honestly it seems like your defending Nexons obvious flaws/disrespect/carelessness without a legitimate explanation behind it whenever someone has an in-game issue to complain about whether its not a big deal or not.
  • [Scania] Guide to Earning Mesos 12/3/16

    how can i sell medal of honor from dojo in the store it sais its untradeable?
    Dojo shop sells 2 different forms oh honor. An only useable which GIVES you 10k honor and another which TAKES 10k honor from you and in exchange gives you a tradable honor medal worth 10k. Make sure you have enough honor though they do expire.
  • Nexon is it so hard to ban hackers / spammers???

    Respect is earned, not granted.
    Some staff are respectable but doesn't means all others are.
    And by your tone, obviously you are a troll, so it's pointless to treat you seriously.
    Since you never read any other's comment before replying, you are not getting any respect here.

    Well respect shouldn't be brought up at all, really. It's not really relevant to that in any way. Being upset at a staff or company for not taking action against people working against it when mainly your concern is for the betterment of the game, shouldn't be criticized or looked down upon by neither the company or the players/users of product. And that argument kind of negates itself in the manner that its technically being disrespectful to US, ignoring in-game reports and report forums.

    On the topic relating to OP moreover, your frustration is felt believe me, and it's basically the reason for the way the game economy has been molded over the past decade+, contributes to lag, map crashes, channel crashes, major arguments, etc.. The argument to nexon has never really changed though. we have all made great efforts over the years to combat these invaders before the damage has been done to a full impact, but regardless of our help/assistance/report amount(s), nothing has really changed or truly made a huge difference sadly. I haven't reported anyone in the like 2-3 months I've been back after about a 7 months break because I find it effortless and a waste or time now. People somehow always come back anyway lol. and definitely not worth hunting people down and ruining your day and wasting your free time over.