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  • Remove Kishin

    Let's get straight to the point, we all know that 97% of kannas are literally hackers and botters
    The only ones (not all of them BUT most of them) that goes against the idea of nerfing or removing Kishin are literally botters and hackers.

    How many legit kannas do you see and kanna botters? that's right.
    In my guild and alliance together there are over 600 people but only 7 of them are kannas! out of 600+ members only 7 people are playing the class kanna... how is that make any sense? that's right, it does NOT!

    Remove Kishin! in fact Kanna is such a useless class, as I mentioned no one really likes that class anyway except hackers and botters.
    We can all argue and discuss about this kind of subject for hours but deep down we all know the truth.
  • merging of paid servers

    Haha, that's so true! how come there are some (very few people) out there who wants to be alone in a dead world even though it's MMORPG?
    That doesn't make any sense! but what's even more crazier is that this minority trying to force the majority NOT to merge all the paid servers.

    Nexon please merge all paid servers!

    You do realize that this game is a massively multiplayer online game, what does it mean? let me explain it to you, it means that we must have as many people as possible, in other words, merge all paid servers.

    Listen, it's not a bad thing to want the populations to be higher/be in a server that has a higher population. What is a bad thing is forcing everyone into an overfilled laggy server as an obtuse way to get into Bera and calling anyone that disagrees with you a "minority".

    Merging every reg server into one is going too far in the other direction in the population spectrum, it'd be unhealthy in a different way. It's ridiculous to assume that no problems would arise from such an action, and that every problem would be magically solved. The sheer amount of bots that would amass in one singular server would be immense, that reason alone should be enough of a deterrent for combining every server.

    Personally I agree with how careful Nexon's been with merges. After the debacle that was the Bera bandwagon, it's clear they don't trust players to make smart decisions in this area. After looking through this thread, and others like it, I don't blame them.

    But players from dead servers are just quitting though, as one who isn't from Bera, I can tell you that.
  • merging of paid servers

    Aggraphine wrote: »
    But none of this matters to you, because you don't think of anything but "I wish I didn't miss my chance to move to bera too" or "I wish elysium/aurora wasn't so dead".

    I seem to have been right. Guess I'll take my leave of this thread then and let it ultimately sink down into the depths where every single "merge everything into one server" suggestion has gone.

    The basis of your position is incorrect, cause MapleStory is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, to be frank that already end this discussion, lol.
    Therefore our best option is to merge all paid servers, hopefully nexon will do it this summer.
  • Enough is Enough

    "No, because I love malfunctions and glitches"

    ...I earnestly don't think you understand what maintenances are for. You should stop before you manage to somehow make an even bigger fool of yourself.

    Who cares? I'm myself always having crashes after maintenances, so I don't really care about the meaning, I just know the fact, the fact is that without maintenances, I don't crash, after maintenances, I crash.
  • Kanna hackers every where and every channel

    Spuddy wrote: »
    By the way, just coming back to say.. there's specific times that I've learned, that the hack-bots appear in certain spots. Like at 6 PM (EST) there was 80% of channels in Scania full of bots in the Aqua road map before Pianus' cave. Since I farmed Pianus for a bit, that's what I noticed, and the same at certain aps at El Nath and near Zakum or Papulatus.

    Just wanted to point that out, and also a bit of direction if you wanted to go on a bot-reporting spree. ;)

    Bro, I truly feel sorry to tell you this but I haven't reported a hacker for atleast 5 years now.
    I came to an conclusion that it's absolutey, 100% useless! it truly is!

    So basically, if you're reporting hackers, you're wasting your time, and time is money (or mesos :P), which means that reporting hackers = wasting time/money.

    My advice is, do not report any hackers/botters, it's a complete waste of time.
    Even if you chat a GM about some hacker, with proofs, screen shots, video, etc, the hacker might get banned, but there are too many hackers out there and no one is going to do this to every single hacker, lol.

    If we really wanna get rid of hackers, there are only one team that can do it, and that's nexon themselves.