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  • Server Merge.

    Nawaf wrote: »
    Okkk, since you think merging gonna cause lag. how about to make server transfer possibly for Scania to Bera.

    personally I have more than 10 characters who has 150+ Lvl and I am lazy to do it all over again. also, the population of Scania doesn't give me interest anymore. it feels more like offline game.

    if my suggestion isn't a solution then the player in the dead server will keep dying unless there's solution you can suggest?

    Don't even bother to discuss with some people in here, cause some of them are actually nexon's employees,
    (mainly it's the ones that are STRONGLY against merging worlds + responding to every single post/thread in no time 24/7)

    hopefully I won't get banned now.
  • merging of paid servers

    AKradian wrote: »
    Optimize player experience by making everyone suffer lag, crowding, ks'ing, and spam together?
    No, thank you.

    "everyone lag, crowding", no offense but speak for yourself please, not every single player lag, most players I know, atleast 95% of them got no issues at all.

    But even if some of what you said is true, the lack of people in Bera is just much worse... bera is completely desolate...

    Merge all paid worlds into Bera right now please! we want it now!
  • [SOLVED] only work on ban appeals tues-thurs?

    Aggraphine wrote: »
    What do you expect anyone here to do about it? Ghiblee doesn't do anything with ban appeals, and the only other nexon monkey that actively posts from time to time works QA. If any customer support mooks who could look into it do frequent the forums, they have never made their presence known, and even if they do, this type of thing isn't going to get you bumped up the queue.

    You really should be ashamed of yourself !
    You can clearly see that this young lady is in distress, she's literally crying (fairly obvious), and yet you just goes like "What do u want us to do?!!"

    or in other words, "Just be quiet!"

    She's an human being, she has feeling she has probably worked so hard on that account, can you even imagine all her hard work?, you can't simply ignore it,
    in fact you should be apologies to her, and cheer her up by saying that everything will be okay!

    And I'm not talking about who's right and who isn't, I'm talking about morality... the principles concerning the distinction between good or bad behavior.

    I hope you have learned your mistakes so please next time, be a gentleman!

  • Lack of Maplers in All Servers

    It’s been awhile since I stopped playing MapleStory. I logged into MapleStory the other day and I noticed a lack of players in a lot of servers except Scalia and a few other servers. Is it because of MapleStory 2? Or, a lot of players quit playing MapleStory?

    Actually, even Bera is a ghost town now.
    It takes forever to queue whenever I'm trying to boss, after 1-2 hours I just give up.
  • Special Beauty Coupons Event Thread

    Since the last time of Special Beauty Coupons Event in 2017 on V Update(Champions) till now we didnt got that Event again and now it 2018 and it 1.5 Year passed then

    When will we getting the Special Beauty Coupons Event? i rly wants the Event to change the look of my last 6 new char

    Ty for help

    Me too! I really need it :O
    And I know for a fact that I will not waste nx on my appearance.