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  • Maple Globe - Remove item limit for leveling up

    Me too, stuck on level 3 because I never got a single chair, and there was no explanation of how to get them either. Time limits + RNG makes it unfair as it's all luck and it's not even for everyone
  • why are there still maps with bots 24/7

    It's not that it's allowed, it's that so many new accounts are created per day that keeping up with them is a difficult task.

    That being said though, I do not understand why there isn't at least one person in charge of watching areas notorious for botters and hackers.
    - Henesys ch 1
    - Ardentmill ch 1
    - Gold Beach
    These are areas classic for hackers and botters to be in, yet I've never seen anyone actively getting rid of them. I've seen the same account named jhg9753465 (example, not real name) sitting in Hene for days doing the same meso selling website. I don't know why it's not more proactive but hackers are on every free MMO that's just how it is.
    You either learn to co-exist with them or quit the game. It be like that.
  • Fix- Maplestory not launching

    not sure I trust using someone's unknown coding advice
  • event feedback: Not enough coins per day

    Fawko wrote: »
    They definitely should make mobs drop the coins. This year's events are a LOT less fun than previous years. No one wants to have another daily that takes 3 hours to complete.

    and when you finish it on one, you have no desire to do it on another char.
  • event feedback: Not enough coins per day

    I had to beg like a fool for kishin so I could finish at a reasonable hour last night.

    It takes way too long for an insanely low payout for items you don't have enough time to get. Nexon didn't think it through at all and clearly it shows. I talked to people on the discord a lot about this and there isn't anyone who finds 99 coins a day for only 15 days acceptable.