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  • Extra Storage

    We do have a storage for each character on it's own, it's our inventory.
  • Petition to bring back Singapore

    Yoongi wrote: »
    It's pretty obvious why they're getting rid of it. It's a hacker infested dump that real players don't even go to.

    The whole game is infested with them , every area has had a hacker infestation at some point. It's the meso farming they want to get rid of on low level characters, and they make up stuff like the content is outdated or whatever instead of saying that actual reason.
    DarkZetta wrote: »
    Yoongi wrote: »
    It's pretty obvious why they're getting rid of it. It's a hacker infested dump that real players don't even go to.

    Yeah it's not like legitimate Reboot players actively meso farmed at MP3 / GS2 / Ulu Estate 2/3 or anything /s
    Are you gonna say the same thing about ByeBye Station since it's the only viable earlygame and midgame meso farming spot now?

    As someone who doesn't play in Reboot, I'm not speaking for Reboot. If you look at Singapore in Bera, at least, the thing is a haven for hackers. No legit players go there at all. Yes, there are hackers all over, but Singapore is a paradise for hackers because no one else goes there.

    August 5th and it's still laggy af.
    Pretty clear nexon doesn't care at all.
  • Unpopular opinion.

    Yep, I just love all the hackers and how they just...steal my maps all the time
  • Well this was weird...

    So I warped to six path crossway to get to sleepwood, using the teleport crane through Mushroom Shrine (as you do when you're too poor for tele rocks) and I was shocked to find...most of the background gone. On two different maps...

    Then I went into Sleepywood, which was fine. I clicked on B to go to Ardent to catch an mvp...and the window was entirely blank and transparent aside from the green 'level' bars on the top right-hand side. Weird. I didn't get that detail on video, but I recorded the rest. You can see the oddness here:

    And naturally...by the time I rushed to Henesys to use the portal to Ardent to get the mvp (since obviously I couldn't use the professions shortcut due to the glitching), I got kicked off the game. Thanks nexon! *thumbs up*