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  • Cadena vs AB

    Angelic buster main who also used to main cadena is here.

    Basically they are both good

    Cadena requires comboing but her damager output gets increased massively.
    She is fun but your fingers could hurt after a while and you have to constantly refresh muscle memory.
    She is pretty good in mobbing, she is also good in bossing but only when you know how to cancel with her chain grab skill.
    She is kinda squishy but mobility on fleek.

    Angelic buster is pretty simple, she skills with high damage but not many lines.
    She uses the recharge system which messes you up between lvl 1 -100 but once you get affinity 4 and max it, recharge is no problem.
    Defense wise
    Without her shield she a dead girl, with her shield most of the damage is reduced .
    AB is one of the best mobbing classes due to all her full screen attacks and celestial roar. Also her mobility is the best too.
    Bossing is good too but trinity is slow since its server sided and constantly fails recharge causing a delay. Expert soul seeker supports her bossing alot tho.
    You save alot of money for not buying mp potions.

    I'd say AB is better tho cause one of her 5th job skills gives you invisibility and also an other one boosts your damage.

  • Lab server yeti OOF

    I dunno if you know this but after you do the the 3rd job advancement in lab server and leave the map.
    There is a 90% you die because something vacuum'ed the mobs at the bottom of the next map.
    Its really messed up of you ask me.

  • Ark Gauge

    The discovery thing helps you charge it
  • im in need of a tyrant cape

    Sadly you can't use the scroll on the cape.
    You can only use it on normal EQ
  • Did anyone else get "NGS hack detected" banned

    Many people on reboot got banned by ngs detected for no reason