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  • Well there finally fixing the Server DC

    Seriously all day they been having maintenance. Why would they even put the game back up if it wasn't even fixed. The auction house doesn't even work either and the lag still exists. Call me a whiner but this is pretty ridiculous if they have to keep putting the game in maintenance all the time. Just let it ride through maintenance until all of the bugs are fixed. Then put the game back up.
    according to the patch notes, this is due to the sheer number of people trying to play and the servers aren't handling it too well.
    "... due to the sheer number of people trying to play...." idk about this one because years ago the game was way more crowded. I remember when all channels would be at least 1/2 full, if not more. Now, 4/5 years later, the servers can't handle it. ~shakes head~
    You have to understand though. Technology back that was not as advanced as now. You have a lot more systems running now protecting maplers behind the scenes. Just because times have changed, does not "imply" that the servers should be perfect. (Not meant to be read aggressively, just an input)
    You have to also understand the sheer amount of bloatware that can bottle-neck the servers till there's absolutely insane sorts amount of lag and strange glitches that are beyond normal circumstances.

    If they're going to fine-tune it might as well. I mean many Reboot and Luna players had a majority of these issues and it's slightly affecting other servers or more depending on each individual player.
  • Worst Patch Preparation Ever?

    i'd rather a day long maintenance with probable compensation that fixes bugs introduced with the patch than one that is pushed out to meet a deadline and all the bugs are ignored until later.

    i always expect patches to be extended, no matter what mmo i'm playing. it's just something that you have to expect - things happen, especially with big patches like this one.
    Really you would say that? Were you not here earlier when they extended the maintenance for an hour and a half and the game was unplayable upon going live? You expect patches to be extended just tells how bad of a job Nexon has done in the past to make you not trust them in doing their job properly. People like you who always stick around saying "whatever, extended as usual" makes Nexon more ignorant towards players. Change is essential at this time and you know it.

    Nothing is expected to go according to plan. Even if it has been planned out properly and has been implemented into other regions without error doesn't mean that it'll go flawlessly. An example of this is recently in MapleSEA where they accidentally reset player prequests.

    What's important is getting to the bottom of things when unexpected things happen such as these scenarios. It is much better to be prepared for the unexpected than to plan out on paper for hours without actually doing anything. As much as I am bias towards Nexon for many sort of things, I can't agree with you of them of not doing their job in terms of bug fixing as a whole. Taking down the game for an unscheduled server maintenance for many sorts of issues in the game that came right after the patch which breaks the game itself is reasonable and is doing their job.

    On the other hand community and company interactions need some improvement. There needs to be a bit more crowd control so people don't overreact or spill FUD on the forums on not doing anything. Otherwise that's just being an entitled prick without considering that the outcome won't always be according to plan.

    I get where you're coming from, but you need to take it down a notch.

    Why not? They would be able to test the patch before it goes live, In turn we'd get shorter maintenance times and less bugs,
    Players have more likely abused the Tespia/Test Server rather than actually reporting such instances. If we were to have a test server it would have probably need to be between trusted players or popular streamers/video makers in order to be effective adding on a NDA with a less likely chance to fail.

    However even with that, the MWLB (Maple Watch Leaf Brigade) and the recent MLC (Maple Leaf Council) was a failure due to the fact of certain small number of people appointed to those positions abused their powers such as breaking their NDA and leaking out classified information.

    The only instance where I found this to be working in another Nexon community is Combat Arms with their #MakeCAGreatAgain campaign where they're going to launch Operation Janus for a big overhaul for their graphics update, UI, and getting-into-game queue system.
  • V-Event Share Points

    You only get points by clicking the share button for each separate page. You do not get points based on how many times the link is clicked (nor do you need to actually "confirm" share).

    So far we can share the following pages:
    - Main Page
    - Web Event: Share V News & Update to Earn Free Prizes
    - Blog: SavageAce Talks V
    - Livestream: Mark Your Calendar! Nov. 17
    - Video: The Official V Update Announcement Trailer
    - News: MapleStory V Begins Nov. 30

    That's a total of 1200 available points. More pages will be released each day until the share event ends.
  • Amount of hackers overwhelming

    I've luckily managed to report them all (which isn't easy, as you need to right-click them while they're blinking all over the map).
    There's a Siren button beside the chat which allows you to report a behavior then a drop-down list of players in the map.

    Otherwise, yeah. I've also seen a significant increase in encountering hackers.
  • Game Server Time Changes

    Was going to change my poll vote to "5. Use PST for the North American server and Central European Time (CET) for the European server." but I was unable to.

    Global and Europe should have their own time-zones. But I am also in support of AKradian's 24/7 on certain things that are restricted by portions of the day. Such as Flag Race, Kritias Invasions, Events, etc.