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  • Root Abyss Help.

    Its not that people haven't watched the video, its that you aren't listening or understanding the advice given.

    Though, to be fair to us, the video is difficult to watch for a few reasons. First because you clearly are not equipped to solo, you are doing terrible DPS precisely because your gear is not good and poorly upgraded (not starred, not cubed well, not flamed, not part of a set with bonuses, etc etc). This is precisely the reason your DPS is low, and this is what we have been trying to explain how to fix. Secondly, the volume is way too loud so when you talk, we cant hear what you're saying, you are drowned out by the game. Third, you aren't familiar with the boss mechanics for the fights you're trying to do, dying to queens breath is a rookie mistake.

    DPS is directly related to the amount of primary stat and weapon attk you have, which is indicated by your range in the stats screen. A screen you did not show in your video. The basic thing you need to understand is that if you want to do higher DPS, you need more range. Which means you need to get more primary stat and weapon attack. The range in the stat screen is what determines your DPS, and the things people have tried to tell you would get you more than enough range/dps to solo, if you would just follow their advice.

    If we've misunderstood, and that isn't what you're asking, then perhaps this is is an opportunity for you to work on your communication skills. Everyone here has taken a lot of time out of their schedule to try and provide you with a solution to your DPS problem, and that is a demonstration of kindness, but instead you just insult them and call them all power hungry kids, when that's not it at all, its just that they are trying to explain to you how Nexon *intended* you to play the game.

    You're more than welcome to forge your own path, but don't complain about the games difficulty when you're the one who isn't considering how the game itself is designed to be played.
  • Pottable Badges

    They could just make the Ventus Badge pottable...
  • Censorship Suggestion.... Round 3 Extended!

    It would be nice if the censorship filter could be improved for name creation as well. I tried to make a character named Cassius, but can't because it contains ass. This is a bit frustrating because if someone really wanted to use 'ass' in a sexual or derogatory manner in a character name, they could just make it âss or áss, etc, because those combinations do not trigger the censorship filter. All the current filter does is prevent people from having clean looking names that happen to contain combinations of letters that could in certain circumstances be derogatory.

    I expect the programmers do something along the lines of the following: They take an input string, change all the characters to lower case, remove all the spaces, then search through the string for combinations of letters, this leads to censorship of things that should not be censored, for example if I said "the gorilla is the stronger ape". It would censor "stronge* ***" because it thinks I typed rape, this is because it doesn't see that these are separate words, all it see's is a string 'thegorillaisthestrongerape'. In fact, if you type "aosdaisojdrapetheoerwe" you would get "aosdaisojd****theoerwe", because the programmers are lazy and use an instr function to search for censored words, instead of parsing the input string properly and examining each word independently.

    Personally, i'd probably parse the string into a dynamic array using the space character as a delimiter, and run a 'for' loop that scans each string in the array (each word of the sentence) independently, it's more elegant, efficient and prevents unnecessary censorship.
  • Kanna hackers every where and every channel

    KMS doesn't have the same hacker problem as GMS because they require stringent identity verification before allowing a player to have an account, meaning if they hack they get banned and are no longer able to make an account because their identity is flagged. SO unless they commit identity theft, they can't get another account with which they could hack on. In GMS all you need is an email address, and hackers have automated programs that easily create and manage hundreds of email accounts, and when one gets banned, they simply make a new email account and continue. Nexon could "easily" wipe out a lot of hacking by enacting similar identity verification requirements in GMS, but they would lose a huge portion of their American playerbase as a result if they did that, as American's have laws that protect their right to privacy and won't easily accept a requirement to give out sensitive personal information just to play a game, not to mention most parent's wouldn't be willing to provide their children's personal information to a private business based overseas just so they could play an online game.

    Outside of that, no. It would not be easy to eliminate hacking, no matter how good your game is, its still a computer program, and computer programs cannot easily determine whether or not the commands they are given come from a human or other software.

    Machine learning is probably the primary anti-hack of the future, basically an AI that evaluate the behavior of a client to determine if the actions are human behavior or are too precise and consistent to be human. Of course, eventually hackers will just make bots that behave more like humans, making mistakes and behaving with less precision and speed.
  • Make Hair/Face coupons not give duplicates

    I just want to say that, at a minimum, I am in complete agreement that Nexon should be more transparent about the odds of receiving certain prizes. A list of odds should be available for all events that provide random rewards.

    For example: There are people who've spent thousands (yes, with an s) of dollars trying to get a Frenzy Totem from philosopher books with no luck. Let that sink in for a moment. At approximately 2,600NX per attempt, even just one thousand dollars [US] is about 385 attempts, two thousand would be 770 attempts. That's less than 0.0013% chance of receiving this particular prize, yet its one of the main prizes they list and use to sell philosopher books, full well knowing its so rare as to be nigh on impossible for most people to get, and some poor unsuspecting kids will look at the event listing and think they have a good chance to get the item, given how prominent the top tier prizes are listed in the event notes. If Nexon's target demographic is a younger audience then it could be seen as questionable to not provide some context when they display and use the top tier prizes to motivate selling cash shop items that provide random rewards (special hair styles included) when the chance of actually getting them is quite low.