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  • No Familiar Red cards for Reboot

    The problem is that even if a reboot person spends hundreds of hours farming and fusing the thousands of cards needed to level their familiar up to unique, the moment the potential is revealed, it cannot be reset. There are something like over a hundred possible lines for the potentials, so you have a less than 1 percent chance of getting any good lines, and that's for literally hundreds of hours of work farming low level maps that give no exp or meso, and if you don't get good lines? You need to start over and re-farm thousands of cards, spending additional hundreds of hours of farming and fusing, for another less than 1 percent chance to get good potentials.

    That's not 'hardcore f2p', that's just flat out unreasonable. Red Familiar Cards need to make their way into reboot, anything less makes the entire familiar system a failure.
  • Nightghost Guide Suggestion/Request

    I was about to post a very similar post, but noticed yours, so felt like it would probably be best to keep it all in the same area instead of making multiple posts about the same issues. Two the same as yours, plus one additional that you didn't mention that I think is important.

    So, here are a few issues I've been dealing with while training after the recent kishin nerf.

    1. NGG will not proc if kanna is in the air, they must be standing on the ground. This means that jumping to try and hit multiple platforms at once, or falling from one platform down to another while attacking, in order to hit enemies on multiple platforms while falling, will not proc NGG. It also means that without a 100% knockback resistance skill, like mihile link, being bounced around by enemy touch damage will also result in less procs of NGG. This results in a person being unable to maintain 100% uptime of kishin, even while actively training non stop.

    2. In late game using tengu strike becomes a viable option for training and farming, but tengu does not proc NGG, forcing the player to farm or train purposefully inefficiently by integrating attacks using shikigami haunting, since charm is ineffective in providing 100% uptime, all while remaining firmly planted on the ground.

    3. The one not mentioned above: The proc rate of NGG while training with exorcist charm is untenable, it is currently impossible to use exorcist charm to maintain kishin with 100% uptime. This is because the proc rate for NGG is ~30%, but exorcist charm takes ~5 seconds between cast/animations, meaning that in the 30 seconds of the initial kishin cast, you get ~6 casts of charm, and if 30% of those 6 casts proc NGG, that means 2 casts will proc, which provides an additional 10s, and if you get lucky and 50% of those 2 casts proc NGG, you get an additional 5s, meaning the approximate maximum amount of time you will typically ever have kishin up while using exorcist charm to train is 45s, If you train for four hours, thats an entire hour of kishin-less training.

    For the feedback portion of this, I have to say this change does not seem like a positive change for players. I get the idea of trying to make it seem like Nexon is at least trying to address the two PC meta, but this doesn't address it, at all. Rather, instead of making efficient training more accessible by trying to motivate people to employ the more difficult to attain, limited per month amount of wild totems, they've actually managed to make more efficient training less available.

    This is because a person can purchase a computer capable of loading maple for practically peanuts these days, and then just reach over every couple minutes and press the kish button while keeping their kish out of harms way. Thats super available for practically everyone, there's no need to buy a 2k dollar computer for a kish mule, you can literally kish on a used 1.6ghz with 2gb ram laptop bought from a second hand store for less than 50 bucks these days, and have basically a permanant kish mule computer. That's really accessible for most players.

    Now, they can't. Its not possible to actively play their main, plus kish themselves on a second computer, lest they only want 50% kish uptime. This forces them to farm reward points, and purchase a limited amount of totems, which could easily be completely used up in the first week of playing, forcing players to either suffer the rest of the month with terrible efficiency, or pay someone meso to frenzy, which has itself recently seen its own controversies.

    Why is Nexon making things more difficult for players instead of easier? It doesn't make sense from a business perspective to undermine the confidence and affections of your playerbase. And for what? It seems like they are crippling most meso farming methods in the hope to boost revenue by forcing players to buy maplepoints in order to do maple-tour in reboot. It's almost like they are trying to turn reboot into a lo-key pay-to-win server....
  • Community Topic Regarding Suicide Kanna

    Aggraphine wrote:
    So then we add a decay period to the counter. If no deaths/no level-ups in x-amount of days, reset counter.
    I think this misunderstands the problem entirely. Dying is not the problem here, the vilification of it is. Dying is not a punishment, its a carrot on a stick. Its suppose to make you want to succeed more, it's not meant to be some kind of three strikes and your out rule. It never was.

    The only time dying is even an issue here is when we are talking specifically about suicide kanna's, and people are only caring because suicide kanna's have turned something that is meant to dissuade dying into something encouraging it. Ergo the whole "unintended gameplay".

    Punishing all players of all levels and all classes for making too many mistakes, forgetting to pot, forgetting to buy safety charms, forgetting to turn on pet, or just playing maple distracted or drunk, is not a solution, its stupid. You're all suggesting things that would basically kill the game. No one wants to play a game where having a bad day is enough to get you banned.

    How about people stop making suggestions that punish people for making mistakes, or just playing badly. Implementing a rule like this is absurd, and even if you aimed to only apply it to kanna's, and only during the level ranges of which suicide kanna's is a thing, it would still be singling out an entire class, and punishing players for incidental game mechanics that are fundamentally built into the game.

    No, these are not good solutions. If you want a reasonable solution, the simpler ones are better. Eliminate exp loss on death, entirely. Boom, every conceivable problem from this is solved. And yet, even that is a bad solution, because now dying doesn't mean anything, its a meaningless action, might as well make everyone not lose health too..

    How about a way to have a character turn off exp growth? Then kanna farmers dont need to suicide, thus can't violate any kind of "intended gameplay" rules. It's a better solution, but then the hackers will simply turn their exp growth off too. Fine, let them, but how about the game detects when a player has farmed a map non-stop for 24 straight hours, and find a way to do more intensive bot detection then? Maybe do an actual captcha? Some hackers will eventually solve that one, but its an infinitely better idea than treating people who die, for whatever reason, as though they've done something wrong.

    That's just not a good idea, period.
  • Community Topic Regarding Suicide Kanna

    Community Topic on Recent Kanna Bans
    We saw that players have recently been discussing about the recent Kanna bans (Community calls this practice 'Suicide Kanna’) and whether this activity should be suspended or not. Even though it is not related to the use of an illicit program, this can be considered as an activity that exploits the game feature as the maps are designed to be used by players at a certain level. Repeatedly dying on a character with the purpose to stay on the map and taking severe advantage of it is an unintended behavior, which is why we decided to maintain the suspension on the affected accounts. I hope this will clarify our stance towards the activity.

    This seems like a cruel joke. The suicide kanna is a direct result of Nexon's own actions, when they implemented a meso penalty for players above a certain level. If they are banning people for suicide kanna's, perhaps they should reconsider their stance regarding the meso penalty. Get rid of the meso/level penalty and you eliminate the reason for people to suicide in the first place.

    The fact is, the game does not have a consistent meso output throughout various level ranges. If all maps and mobs in the game produced roughly the same amount of meso per hour, there would be no reason for people to find ways to remain within certain level ranges in order to maximize meso output. Between level 140~150 at bye bye, all the way until level 235 (you can start farming Arcana at 225, but its highly unlikely you will be strong enough to farm efficiently at 225) there are very few places that will produce sufficient meso to allow reasonable game progression.

    Nexon needs to be realistic here, it costs a LOT of meso to get a strong character, and it takes a strong character to farm efficiently. A character with 3l pots and 21* gear will make a lot more meso than a person who has 2l pots and 17* gear, by eliminating suicide farming, they stacked the deck in favor of people who've already spent years farming bye bye and have strong mains that can farm efficiently in later maps. They've basically increased the size of the hump needed to be overcome in order to farm efficiently. Strong players will be able to produce meso at a reasonable rate, while weaker players will have to farm twice as long to get the same amount of meso.

    But lets keep in mind also that most maps above level 250 also tend to be poor candidates to farm meso, meaning that people who aim to reach level 275, and don't have another character just under level 250 will also be hindered in their progression, because they can no longer farm at the more efficient maps.

    All nexon has done here is alienate even more of its playerbase. They are punishing newer or weaker players, extending the amount of time they will be required to farm in order to advance. I've seen people spend more than 30 billion meso trying to get a single item to 21* and still fail, even at bye bye that was roughly 60 hours of gameplay, all wasted because they had unlucky RNG. Which means they achieved zero progress despite 60 hours of effort. Now, given their clarified stance against suicide farming, they've forced players to farm maps within their level range that have notably lower meso output, meaning at even just 20% lower meso output, they will need to spend ~90 hours for the same amount of meso, and in this specific example, that's for ZERO progression.

    Does Nexon honestly believe that's fair to players? Honestly, its a slap in the face. If they can't differentiate between legitimate players and botters, then the problem is the bot detection, not the legitimate players who happen to meso farm at bye bye. Banning them despite the fact that they're not breaking any of the boundaries programmed into the game is the wrong solution here.
  • Theifs

    Im a night lord and I'm going to be entirely honest. Night Walker is pretty much superior in every way currently. They have a personal bind, they have an iframe, their assassin mark equivalent skill requires lower stat to one hit at higher levels, they have a vertical movement skill, their DPS is less burst dependent, they have a nice dodge skill with backstep, the one thing they are weak in before fifth job is mobbing, but shadow spear generally makes up for that, and once you can one shot with bats, mobbing actually becomes easier on Night Walker than on Night Lord. This means that their mobbing is kinda dependent on funding in the end.

    Night Lords have slightly better horizontal mobility, but worse vertical mobility, our bossing is generally just inferior next to a comparably equipped night walker, though night walker also has other mobility skills, like swapping places with servant, that actually make night walker mobility slightly better, especially in late game when bossing becomes an important part of gameplay.

    The only reason I stay Night Lord is because I have played a night lord since 06' its a fun class, and I don't really like the way the keyboard works when sticky keys is on, and night walker DPS almost requires you to have it set to on. For me, with sticky keys on it feels like you can't really hold keys down and press other keys, you have to press and release every key for every action you want to perform, which makes it feel less fluid to me, but if you can get past that its basically a better class overall.

    Consider also the recent nerf to spread throw, especially given how almost every class got a buff in that patch, but night lords got a nerf, despite the fact that we were already near the bottom of the DPS charts. Nexon has been ignoring or crapping on night lords for a very long time now. If I wasn't already so stuck in the way I play the class, I'd go night walker without a doubt.