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  • Gnarled Wooden Keys and other boss Keys

    I was just using the 1 Yggdrasill coin for two keys twice a day, as I can't see any use for Yggdrasill coins.
    But the daily quest is just accept it and get 5 free keys.
    So, completely pointless key system.
  • Gnarled Wooden Keys and other boss Keys

    After fighting Root Abyss bosses for a week on two characters, I noticed that there was a daily quest that gave out free keys for them.
    So my first feedback is that not having a quest lightbulb above the key-maker for this quest meant I didn't see it.

    My second feedback is a bit bigger. If we are just giving out all the boss keys for free now, why even have them?
    I can't think of any that have any meaning or function to them.
    Making the Marble of Chaos or the Dragon King Relic work fine as a story quest. But needing to get the items again just to enter the boss fights is pointless.
  • Current state of the game, is MS becoming a chore?

    Possibly a better option for Dailies, is to make them three times per week, with increased rewards.
    This has the benefit of allowing people to miss some days, and catch up later. But without reducing the required effort too much.
  • Current state of the game, is MS becoming a chore?

    Disclaimer: Some of this will be a bit off on the details, as I'm still trying to catch up on 8 years of changes. What hasn't changed is interesting though.

    I think we have a bad case of endgame creep here.
    Its standard practise for this sort of game to stretch the endgame out with challenges and daily quests, to keep players engaged instead of running out of content. (Although I don't quite see why they do that in some games with loads of different classes, such as this one...)
    However, it doesn't look like any of the daily grinds have been cut down at all when the game has been extended, other than exp gain.
    In its current state, the game looks like it has three separate endgame sections.
    Early Endgame: Around level 120-180. You start doing bosses daily, and there are areas with daily quests that get you better accessory equipment, and for some reason Mastery Books.
    Mid Endgame: Around level 180-200. You now need to do daily bosses, in addition to daily quests, to get better armour and weapons.
    Late Endgame: Levels 200-250ish. Rinse and repeat, but you also need Arcane Symbol Dailies.

    Where has this gone wrong? Well it doesn't look like any of the grinds have been reduced when later ones are added.
    Two examples in the Early Endgame section:
    1) Mastery Books. These used to be there to slow progression when 4th job was the endgame. These were then changed to be not class specific, and made purchasable as an endgame gold sink. Since then, Starforce is now the endgame gold sink, and we are well past 4th job being endgame. Yet for some reason these haven't been removed.
    2) Shadow Merchant / Magnus Coins. There is no point collecting these coins. Its easier to get the items from killing Magnus. I wasn't around when this was added, so I'm not sure if this was pointless to start with. Luckily, you can completely ignore this one. Unfortunately, this one isn't alone. There is also the Monster Park and the Evolution System which have pointless grind coin shops.

    Mid Endgame issues:
    I haven't got into these properly yet. All these events are distracting...
    However, judging by the rest of the game, you are going to be doing long grinds to get equipment that is superseded by Late Endgame grind equipment.

    So while people might feel pleased about getting something that took ages of work to get, they really aren't going to be keen to repeat that long process a second time when they want to play a different class. And that doesn't even include Arcane Symbols...
  • Maple Relay Feedback

    I was going to do a Black Mage Event Feedback post, but that would be rather large. So I'll do this as a warmup instead...

    I've seen this Event three times now. But I think I've only opened around 20 boxes per event. However, this is not a "butthurt" post. I don't expect to get any decent rewards from any event. I don't have a lot of money to spend on games, so I give feedback instead.

    There are several things that look like they might need some changes:
    1) Many areas don't get Runes, Portals or Elite anythings. Rewarding people for playing certain content is fine, but a 4 week long event encouraging a specific type of play, or they miss out on a big shiny, is pretty oppressive. Playing a game in a way you don't really want to for 4 weeks is likely to cause burnout and changing to a different game.
    Instead, how about adding some alternate ways of completing the objectives? You have loads of options: Completing Surprise Missions, Monster Park, Boss kills, Crafting, Party Quests, Completion Stamps, other quests...
    2) Inferno Wolf seems way more common that Elite Bosses to me. Are you sure that this the right way around? And by "seems" I mean that my Achievements list says I've done the Inferno Wolf 32 times (not sure if that got frozen when half the achievements got frozen too, so it might be higher). I've only fought an Elite Boss 3 times, and one of them creamed me, and there was nobody else around, so I went elsewhere. Apparently being creamed by an Elite Boss does not count as "Participation", perhaps the wording needs a tweak too?
    3) Since I've never opened the second tier cumulative reward box I don't know, but I really hope those Arcane Symbol Selectors are tradable within account and not time limited. Having to complete the Vanishing Journey questline to get an event reward doesn't make a lot of sense.
    4) Its really easy to miss claiming the boxes. There is no warning when you try to quit. No obvious notification when there is a box ready. And you can't just keep the UI open, as something keeps closing it.
    5) The amount of leeway for getting the tier 4 cumulative box seems a bit harsh. If you get a bit behind for whatever reason, there is no way to catch up. And it doesn't look like it would require much getting behind before its impossible to complete.
    6) This didn't work for the last Maple Missions completion. I would have got 2-3 rewards if it had registered. I don't really care about not getting the rewards, but a bug is a bug.