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  • Question about Masteria Through Time

    PirateIzzy wrote: »
    The blockbuster was very poorly written,

    I disagree,
    Although I will admit that the storytelling was not flawless.
    The way I saw it, is that Masteria through time wanted to cover a lot of ground but did not always fill in the gaps all the way or when the blockbuster did manage to answer a question, it often led to more questions.

    The part with Lireni was not explicitly explained but was left open to interpretation. This could be for some unknown future reason or it could indeed be bad writing. The audience does not know for certain.

    The exchange between the Professor and the Mayor was a little different. Lots of people like to imagine their elected leaders as honest and good and stuff but what if they were not? Like adding a dose of conspiracy theory into NLC? Although even so, I would still like to believe the Mayor was just being secretive rather than nefarious. I could say the same for Foxwit, in this scene he has no problems as long as he still gets paid. But if the Mayor tries something fishy then the professor might just have a few surprises of his own.

    Mostly the feeling I got was the blockbuster could be a good launching point for any sequels/ prequels or future developments for Masteria, if it ever came up again. We could say that the story could have done more but it is already on the long side. (and I was just happy to find out about Crimsonheart and ancient Krakia)

    That was my take away at least.