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  • Masteria revamp!

    I think any attention for NLC is a good idea. Of course, after the conclusion of Masteria through time there could be many potential pathways that the region could develop into.
  • Old Maple: A suggestion and a hope for the future

    Modern day Maplestory reminds me of racism.

    While reading others responses, it occurred to me that people recognize things in different ways and maybe at different times. An issue obvious to me could not be that way for someone else and vice versa. So it would seem I have more to talk about.

    If anyone would like to learn more about the historical implications and ramifications of what racism means then I will leave it to the search engine of your choice. (because I have no desire to go far in the subject) But this is where I currently see parts of Maplestory. It is just a game and yet it has been taken to a sad and unpleasant place. The Old Maplestory rule, as it exists at this moment promotes an intolerant way of thinking.

    Try not to misunderstand my words, there is a chance that there is a good reason to have a rule just like that. However our version of the rule was made for the specific purpose to single out one person (me, which is very ironic) and single out one specific group out of the player base (all the people other than me who wanted to make threads about Old Maplestory) I do not say this because I want to be a "victim" but to plainly explain events that already took place. In other words, I think it would be ok to make such a rule because of technical reasons but not because of what actually happened.

    Another sad part among other sad parts is that New Maple is not even all that different from Old Maple. Players feel strongly about what they like so making comparisons could lead to interesting conversations. However discussions get disrupted as soon as the rule is mentioned and people react to that. Why debate anything when the rule implies the other person is wrong? Or even to do something to get a thread locked on purpose. Its not exactly racism but the current atmosphere promotes something close to it. I suppose I might have been more convincing if i had mentioned this sooner?

    There was one more misconception that I wanted to get to and that is the accusation of wanting to revert or roll back anything. I have seen a lot of Old Maplestory threads and almost nobody says things like this. Maybe there could be a few but that would be an extreme minority.

    After all of this history, what is it that I want and what is the suggestion that the thread was made for? My suggestion would be to take steps to create the building blocks of an inclusive community. Follow through on actions that clearly explain what is right and wrong among players of the game and users of the forum. When someone gets confused, make sure they can get an explanation of what is ok and not ok. And keep helping them no matter how long it takes. Everybody does not need to become the perfect beings but just try to instill a sense of basic ethics and values.

    I hope that everyone can give it their best shot!

    This is a suggestion, if you like it then good for you. Take it or leave it.
  • Old Maplestory memories

    I am 100% ok to engage with individuals (such as yourself) whom do not share the same opinion as myself. Didn't the adult figures in your life teach you about tolerance or manners? Ahh well, I could give you a lecture or explain about taking things out of context but for me its not an issue. As I said, I did not have any expectation to have all people agree, hold hands and sing songs together. Actually I am quite proud of the efforts that I and others attempted in that endeavor. Save images of as many threads as you like, I regret nothing.
  • Your thoughts on an official Maple Legacy server?

    Is it the most important thing for Maplestory as a game? Probably not
    Could it be highly impractical and require time to implement? Probably
    Do I still think it would be worthwhile? Absolutely

    Most anyone who has ever heard about the topic of Pre Big bang already knows that it would probably not be an easy task to create a Maplestory legacy server but for a moment, let us assume that it was more possible than it is impossible.
    If an official legacy server were to appear, how likely would you be to give it a try?
    Are there any specific dates or versions that you believe would be best suited for a server like this? If so then why?
    Alternatively if you don't feel like making a long comment, you can put a YAY or a NAY.
    YAY = Would probably try the server
    NAY = Probably would not try the server
    (informal vote which can be freely changed anytime) Really just for the sake of a head count.

    Another route I would like input on is the idea of an official legacy server + 1 update. Sometime after the initial opening, what if there was one big patch done? For example, slightly lowering the experience needed to advance in a certain level range or adding a feature that did not appear in the game until much later? (such as pvp) Of course there are no promises but just in theory.

    And finally I think it would be wise to open the floor to potential names for a Legacy server. Anything that signifies age, wisdom, redemption, quality or a name that just sounds good.

    The primary purpose of this thread is to collect thoughts about what an official legacy server could possibly look like. It is already assumed that the concept might have a low chance of getting made or might be impractical, so posts about those are not currently needed.
  • November Attendance

    The strategy to have simplified patch notes seems to be backfiring.