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  • Game Server Time Changes

    @AKradian It wouldn't necessarily be confusing to me, or everyone, I was just trying to think of potential problems for having two separate times (and couldn't find a sufficient problem for now). I can see lots of posts in the future with people asking when exactly their respective hot times or other events are supposed to be, but that's trivial.

    The main point of my post was just "if it works, i want this option; if it isn't plausible, i want the other option please".
  • Bichon paw still missing

    Same here. I've been told to submit a ticket, but am not getting my hopes up about it, because after I submitted my ticket with evidence they told me "this process may take some time so please be patient". I'm not expecting to receive the replacement anytime soon.

    My pessimistic view stems from another compensation they were supposed to distribute back in August. They didn't actually give out the android to affected people in that maintenance, much like this Bichon Weapon (though apparently this time round, they were better and a few people did receive the Bichon Paw Staff). After a long ticket exchange for a few weeks, the GM said they would close my ticket and contact me when news about replacing the android coupon became available. I'm still yet to receive a reply.

    Let's hope replacing this Bichon Paw Staff weapon doesn't take 3 months (and still going) like the android coupon replacement.
  • Is starforce safeguard bugged at 14th star?

    it's cause it's for the 12th to 14th star for GMS.

    if you hover your mouse over the option it even says so.

    I will highlight the part that you seem to miss

    "For items with Stars Between 12 and 14 "

    it's clearly intentional, GMS doesn't have the same starforce system that KMS does as the costs, rates and max amount of stars on items are different than KMS.
    I am aware of the wording, since that's exactly what I show in my post's image link.

    My question is whether this is intentional, because it doesn't make a lot of sense to remove the noboom feature for the very final enhancement. The wording doesn't prove this functionality is intentional, as it could have been an unclear meaning with "between 12 - 14, including 12 and 14 themselves".

    The different rates in KMS is irrelevant. My point there was that the orangemushroom notes don't clarify our situation specifically - I've done my research and looked everywhere I can before asking here to make a bug forum post.

    @Diannika thank you.
  • Welcome to the new forums!

    Yay, shiny new forums! They look nice, and hopefully they'll work a lot better than the old ones.

    No uploading custom avatars, though? A shame, I like doodling stuff to use as an icon.
    As the owner of ugly Mihile's avatar, I'd love to trade with you.

    Fingers crossed for custom ones soon!
    Go into edit profile and you can assign a new avatar (pick a new one from a few selected ones(default))

    Omg i see it thank you!!
  • [IMPORTANT] Water Wars Issues

    Hey everyone,

    We also want you to know that all players that we find suspended as a result of the issue with Waters Wars, will be released shortly. We'll need time to gather all the information, so please bear with us while we gather information for all the players affected. In addition, this suspension will not affect your ban history or your placement on the rankings.

    If you find your character released from suspension before the issue is resolved, please be sure to avoid this event while we continue to investigate.

    Thank you.
    Awesome, thank you so much. My affected character just got released and I'm incredibly grateful that this won't be incorrectly added to my clean record.