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  • World Merge FAQ

    @Ghiblee Thank you very much for the response.

    This part is a little worrying:
    However, due to the complexity of the merge for the account-shared data, there is a small chance that the saved data would not be that of the most progressed.

    I hope you guys working on the patch can find a way to mitigate this. I don't like the sound of losing my almost-600 Monster Collection, no matter how small the chance. T.T

    What will happen if the saved data is not of the most progressed? I assume you mean that instead of, for example, your 200 collection in one world counting, you get the 5 collection you had in a different world instead. If this small chance were to happen, would you have any way of restoring the data to characters who are affected? Would I be increasing my chances at restoring my progress by taking a video of its current progression before the world merge update?
  • Solo'd Normal Damien but no achievement.

    It might be intentional for now. The v200 patch notes say:


    Perhaps the last dot point includes both regular and boss monsters. At least they say it is temporary.
  • Character Selection & Legion Auto Crash Due to Ark

    I think you are experiencing the same issue my friend had recently. She had this happen on her hayato, so the character page containing this character would immediately crash the game. Similarly, her hayato was on the first page of the Legion UI, so she would crash upon opening Legion UI as well.

    When she submitted a ticket, it was a really long back-and-forth exchange, but when it was finally escalated to the appropriate department they figured out that her hayato had bugged skin data. Two weeks after this, they fixed it in the minor patch on 20 September 2018:
    "An issue where players could not log in due to invalid skin data will be fixed. Players who had invalid skin data will be reset to default, and a Skin Coupon will be delivered to the affected players. Please pick up your reward from the gift box notifier on the left side of the screen before October 24, 2018 at 11:59 PM (UTC)."

    It sounds like your issue is similar, where some aspect of your character has invalid data. I think your best bet is to submit a ticket ASAP - my friend had this happen after the Ark patch in July, and it was only resolved in September. This was largely due to the first batch of tickets all being replied to by a new GM each time who didn't really seem to know much about the game. One finally did escalate it to the game team, but that took almost a month and a half to happen. You will probably be able to get it resolved faster though now that you can reference this case and they've solved something similar recently. Good luck!
  • We all want a merge

    I understand that a lot of people want this to happen, and that my enjoyment of a small server is likely a minority feeling. However, I'm really hoping that if Nexon decides to do something like a merge, a possibility of a small server can still exist for those of us who like it this way.

    I feel like although we're a minority, there are more of us than it appears, but it is easy for our opinions to be lost in the posts from the more vocal camp who want an all-or-nothing merge.

    My suggestion would be to allow transfers like the last event (all the characters you want, so you aren't disadvantaged by links/legion loss) for those who do want to leave the small worlds. Then, leave those small worlds alone for the rest of us, or if needed merge only with another very small world.

    Please just be considerate for all kinds of players Nexon, and leave at least one server for us players who enjoy the quiet. The majority of the community in GRAZED who remain today are those who wanted to stay precisely for its small-community charm. Apologies in advance if I'm just reiterating thoughts already expressed. The issue is important to me and people I know, so I need to raise my voice on this one.
  • Annnnnd were back to (UNABLE TO CLICK SERVER)

    Bug type:
    Login/logout issues

    Brief bug summary:
    Unable to log in after logging off; says "Character ID already logged in". If logging in with a different account, unable to select a world or channel.

    More details:
    This is the same bug that was occurring prior the unscheduled patch for NGS errors. Upon logging out, your character is not truly recognised to be logged out by the game - it will display online status in buddy/guild/party, but the character cannot be tracked and has disappeared from the map they logged out in. This will continue for an indefinite amount of time (before the unscheduled patch, I would hang in limbo for up to 40 minutes before being truly logged out. Currently, one of my characters is still stuck and I will update with how long it has been when it gets unstuck. EDIT: It was finally kicked from the game after 30 minutes).

    However, even if you are able to log in with another account, there is also an issue where you frequently reach world selection or channel selection and are unable to click anything. Everything is displayed as usual and your mouse is able to hover over relevant choices. You can also use tab/arrow keys to toggle selection. It's just that no selection can actually be made, and you therefore cannot log in.

    Steps to reproduce:
    - Attempt to log in.
    - If successful, log out again and find yourself unable to be log in; character is supposedly "logged in already".


    - Attempt to log in.
    - Be met with inability to select world/channel (I get unable to select world, some people are affected by channel selection)

    Date and time of the incident:
    After the unscheduled game update on 2 February 2017.