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  • World Merge FAQ

    Ghiblee wrote: »

    We would like to further clarify how the data will be merged for each system as there’s a difference between the game systems.
    1. Legion: The data from the one world (out of the many merging worlds) that has the most progress will be applied to the new world.
    2. Monster Collection: The Monster Collection data from the world that has more data will be brought to the new world.
    If you don’t like the data set that is applied to your new world, please contact our Customer Support team so we can swap the data set with the other world’s data after the merge.
    It will be helpful if you take a screenshot of your Monster Collection progress and share it with us when you ask for the data change.
    3. Achievements: The completed achievements will be saved after the world merge. But due to the complexity of the data structure, there’s a chance that the saved achievements that are still in progress might not be the most up-to-date.

    We apologize for the delay in posting the answers to your questions.
    It took time for us to double-check and confirm if all the information is accurate before sharing with the community.

    I really appreciate you being thorough in checking each system and giving us a clear response. It's also comforting to know that Customer Support can simply swap a data set with another world's in the event the wrong one gets applied. I will definitely screenshot/record my progress to help that process if that happens!
  • Amoria quests/accessibility

    HHG1 wrote: »
    Has there been any progress on this? Amoria is still not accessible through any normal means but it contains quests (that were fixed with the intent for people to be able to do these quests) as well as hair/face styles.
    Just add the teleport option back to the Nana NPC.

    To update on this, it seems the "fix" previously mentioned didn't apply, or broke later on, because I still had the cherry blossom seed quest drop appear as a requirement in my existing Amoria: Sakura Garden quest. After seeing this thread bumped up today, I tried going to Sakura Cellions (you can still access Purple Plains via hyper teleport rock) but they did not drop the item. I then decided to forfeit the quest and try again in case that would work, but NPC Jacob is only available in the old Amoria map, not this new one (and you can only teleport to the new one right now).
    Finally, I decided to buy the Cash Shop Quest Deliverer to see if I could receive the quest this way, but that didn't work either (does not give me any quests at all, so wasted 2.1k NX and some RP).

    Can we please make the Amorian quests completable somehow? And while we're at it, NPC General Maestro has also been inaccessible since the Omega Sector revamp, so the Monster Rumour Mill quest can't be completed either... There have been many past threads about this one also.
  • World Merge FAQ

    @Ghiblee Thank you very much for the response.

    This part is a little worrying:
    However, due to the complexity of the merge for the account-shared data, there is a small chance that the saved data would not be that of the most progressed.

    I hope you guys working on the patch can find a way to mitigate this. I don't like the sound of losing my almost-600 Monster Collection, no matter how small the chance. T.T

    What will happen if the saved data is not of the most progressed? I assume you mean that instead of, for example, your 200 collection in one world counting, you get the 5 collection you had in a different world instead. If this small chance were to happen, would you have any way of restoring the data to characters who are affected? Would I be increasing my chances at restoring my progress by taking a video of its current progression before the world merge update?
  • Steamed Bun event: Bun Buxx count keeps reverting

    Odd. Every day, the point upper limit should shift upwards, but it sounds like it isn't doing so for you so it keeps pulling back to the other limit. Have you submitted a ticket as well?
    Not yet, I wanted to post first and see if this was an issue for others as well, and I'm really hoping it isn't specific to me since I haven't heard of other people with this issue so far.

    Update though, upon checking again today, I realised the count doesn't drop after reset - it's dropping after every relog. I did 5 of the 10 quests earlier today after reset, logged, and just now began the remaining 5 only to see that my count is back to 2000 again.

    I'll log a ticket but my hopes for that working out aren't high. :I
  • Character(s) stuck; unable to log in

    I am still stuck after the unscheduled maintenance. My ticket was marked as resolved due to the USC but this has changed nothing.