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  • Suggestions for Royal Hairs/Faces & Perm NX Covers

    Bluejeans wrote: »
    The last few Cash Shop updates have been GARBAGE. The new PSSB items are hideous, and the remaining containable items are just TIRED after being rotated into the same PSSB for the past months. Females are getting 2 male hairstyles this week, DESPITE we clearly said 1-2 weeks ago that we do NOT want male hairstyles in the female rotation. The last chance sales have been complete trash as well. NONE of the items in there have been suggested or requested. Additionally, the Stamp Shop is still not updated. I'm sitting here on MVP Diamond but I will not spend a single $ from now on until' you put some effort into the Cash Shop updates.

    Do I have to clarify how a GOOD CS update should look like? Read this post: https://www.reddit.com/r/Maplestory/comments/6o6usf/cash_shop_update_for_july_19/

    That's how the feedback should look like every week. That's how you make money, Nexon.

    Step up your game. Seriously.

    that cs update you linked wasn't all that great to me, the hairs and face were good but that was it ;p
  • These override box drop rates are MISERABLE.

    Brendiru wrote: »
    1-2 DIPQs are enough to meet your daily coin limit, esp with big spider familiar. Getting 60 coins on 5 chars for the ring takes about 15 mins. I think the drop rate is fine.

    Yes that's all well and nice, but what if all my accounts besides my main are less than level 140? As of right now, I have one account at 135 and the rest at ~60 or so. What feasible way of farming boxes are there for my specific situation? I farmed three levels at moon bunnies on one of my accounts and i only got ~30 boxes in those 3 levels. Some advice would be much appreciated, thanks.

    well for the level 60 characters you could go to maps with considerable spawn such as drakes and use drop rate modifiers if you have them. characters that are above level 100 should be able to do evo lab and stick around in door number 3 until you are able to do dipq.