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  • Remove the Sol Erda Cap

    The sol erda cap should've never been implemented in the first place, the fact it was considered at all says everything. Doing this forces everyone to have no reason to play the game. This is one of the worst things you can do to your entire playerbase, who have been nothing but excited for New Age. And to put the cherry on top, they hid the sol erda cap from all of us and never intended on letting us know... Shame on Nexon for allowing this to happen. What was once going to be a happy experience is now sad and depressing for everybody.

    They've already long since ruined everyone's trust. So I guess ruining a major patch is the next thing on the agenda. If Nexon lets this reach live servers, they've completely ruined New Age.
  • 2020 DMT Suggestions, Feedback and Request

    Reboot stopped working right when each DMT session began simply due to a horrendous mix of overpopulation and the fact DMT is 1 hour long each session, so every single one of entire population makes a mad rush to cube, easily ending in disaster server stability-wise. Previous DMTs were never this bad. Portals didn't work, you couldn't change channels, you couldn't leave the map you were on, couldn't cube, dcs and struggling to relog in because the server was completely full, nothing worked anymore.

    It would be much better if DMT was just one 24 hours long session, that way there wouldn't be such a huge rush and server overload. I spent my time farming for DMT only to not be able to use the event, I was able to use a total of 6 cubes over the course of an hour (aka the entire DMT session), because you were basically softlocked from doing anything for the entire hour and up to 20 minutes after DMT ended. That's how intense the lag was.

    I do think Reboot should get compensation of some sort. We couldn't even use the event because of this. I know we're just Reboot and it doesn't seem like it should matter because we didn't spend money to get our cubes, but we spent a lot of time meso farming for DMT. Time out of our busy daily lives that we can't get back.

    Either way I'm upset that I couldn't get the progress on my gear that I'd been saving up for and I was looking forward to DMT for months. I don't have much time in my life to farm that much and make the kind of progress DMT would've brought me. It would've saved me many hours of farming and now I have to do all those hours of farming because of the DMT problem in Reboot.
  • Kanna Revamp Feedback + Kishin Thoughts

    === Overview ===

    1. Vanquisher's Charm - Post-Rise Vanquisher will have a fixed duration and a cooldown. Due to the fixed duration, it will be unable to fully charge up Spirit's Domain. Vanquisher has a 1 second delay upon first holding down the skill so you are only getting 9s duration rather than the 10s. Spirit's Domain requires the full 10s to reach final stage and won't be achievable with Vanquisher in this state thus making it very difficult to fully utilize Spirit's Domain to its full potential. If Spirit's Domain needs to be nerfed, I recommend a direct nerf to that skill rather than penalizing Vanquisher. When Kanna got revamped, Vanquisher was made to be obsolete. While I agree this helps put Vanquisher back into the picture, the approach being made with it doesn't work out. (Note that these thoughts are what is being perceived before the patch hits)

    2. Nightghost Guide - While the idea to boost duration of kishin seems good, it makes keeping this skill up quite a task in itself and makes it a chore to grind as a kanna. With what we currently know, Nightghost doesn't proc enough to meet the cooldown time (1 minute) in general. Instead of associating Nightghost with Kishin, I'd keep it separate, as its own thing, as it was Pre-Rise.

    3. Kishin Shoukan - The new changes to Kishin that combat Kishin muling are alright. I can see why Nexon is wanting to prevent it. It is not healthy for the game. But neither is the new way to obtain Kishin. If you're going to "reduce the gap in efficiency between classes" then that means solving the problem through equality, such as being forced to use Wild Totems to increase mob spawn. If Kishin did not increase the mob spawn in the first place, this skill would not be need to be seeing nerf after nerf.

    === Thoughts on the "Kishin" Problem ===

    When the Fury Totem was introduced, it is a step in the right direction to improving the issue. It allowed a way to increase spawn for a while without needing a Kanna mule. It wasn't the best or too great, but it was a way to get it nonetheless. I still believe this is and can "not" be the solution, but part of the solution if done right. Now, to make a reasonable solution, you have to look at what's causing the problem to begin with. That being;

    1. Many maps in the game lack mob density.
    2. The respawn timer is quite long and makes grinding for long periods of time very monotonous and without kishin, you have to grind for way longer periods of time than others.

    However there is also another side of the problem, Being;

    1. Possible strain on the server itself from all of the kishined maps.
    2. The "best" maps generate a very high demand due to how great their exp/meso rates are when kishined.

    === The Reboot Side of the "Kishin" Problem ===

    Reboot relies on the above to progress at a decent pace, decent pace being reasonably fast for the average player who has a busy life. Especially when they're funded to end game. Looking at the price of cubes, average tier up rates, cost to roll certain potentials (3L att/stat, 2L att/ied, 2L att/boss, etc), GMS specific starforce costs vs the hourly meso rates.

    - Cost of 6 Red cubes = 72 mil
    - Cost of 6 Black cubes = 132 mil
    - Average cost to tier an equip up to legendary = 1+ bil
    - Costs to reroll an equip to a certain potential = Anywhere from 1+ bil to 50+ bil
    - Average cost to attempt one star at 15 stars = 100+ mil per attempt with safeguard which easily adds up to 1+ bil very quickly while you're at the mercy of RNG.

    Now looking at the current hourly rates the average meso farmer makes while meso farming in Arcana which ranges from 400 mil to 800 mil an hour, average. Some can make as high as 1 bil per hour with Legion Meso buffs and Wealth Acquisition Potions. Keep in mind this is Pre-Rise kishin rates, before nerf.

    Another thing we must take into account is the fact as your equips get more "perfected", the more they cost to achieve any sort of upgrades. You can easily spend 200 bil on your character trying to upgrade, and 200 bil meso in actual hours spent is 200 hours if you're making 1 bil an hour. All of these combined result in a wicked time sink that takes hundreds of hours to achieve with the sheer amount of meso farming that needs to be done to reach it. In order to combat this problem, there are two viable solutions;

    1. Halve the overall cost of all of these things in Reboot (Starforce costs should be halved for both Reboot and Non-Reboot, the price is disgustingly high, even in current Non-Reboot where 1 bil costs $10). Which would ease the time sink quite a bit and make meso farming less of a second job.
    2. Make Wild Totems more accessible and obtainable by further lowering the price and upping the quantity in RP shop as well as adding it to something like the Maple Tour shop. Currently they cost 1800 RP, even Post-Rise nerf to price, it still takes exactly 2 days to get one totem. Note that this problem also stems into Non-Reboot.

    === The Non-Reboot Side of the "Kishin" Problem ===

    The Non-Reboot side of the "Kishin" problem is not as much of a "meso problem" like with Reboot. With the Frenzy Totem in the picture, it is difficult to compete with players who have a Frenzy Totem because it's insanely difficult to obtain. For example, if they're racing to 275, you cannot compete with them because Frenzy is OP. There is simply no contest.

    Its ability to be placed on a map and the owner can up and leave while its effect remains. This allows them to sell Frenzy service where players go to their map and cast Frenzy in exchange for meso, basically generating a market for this. And as the totem gets more and more rare, as fewer people who have it that offer Frenzy service, the price to buy one cast of Frenzy off of someone only skyrockets. Not only do they have superior exp rates, but also access to a means of endless amounts of meso just for casting their totem for someone else. They can have 100% uptime.

    I get they bought it with real money, and that's just what Non-Reboot contains, but I do believe an alternative to decrease that P2W item gap are basically required when there is something that offers such a crazy advantage. As result, many Non-Reboot players have resorted to making Kishin mules to kishin themselves with, which helped create this problem to begin with. Now, with the Kishin nerf, it further widens this gap of advantage for those who have Frenzy totem. This is not a very healthy environment for Non-Reboot. (Forgive me if I left anything out, I main Reboot but I care for the health of both servers)

    This is why I believe Wild Totem should be reworked to lessen this gap that both servers struggle with. It doesn't have to completely erase this gap, simply lessening it is a step in the right direction.
  • Thoughts on Kanna and Fury Totem Changes

    Personally I think Kanna's kishin should be weaker than the fury totem (Example, kishin should be 30% respawn/mob boost and fury totem should be 60%). And Fury totem should be made to be way more accessible than it currently is. I don't think Kanna deserves a free permanent fury totem at their disposal while also having the best mobbing, and the best support while having really good bossing to boot. The problem with kanna is that it's the only class that has the best of every world. There is no cons to being a kanna whatsoever.

    And yes this is coming from a kanna main. I also think they should seriously nerf our bossing and balance our mobbing more too because it's OP. Kanna doesn't deserve to be broken in all possible directions. Kanna is supposed to be a support like Bishop. Not a full out DPS class, full on support class "and" full on mobbing class with a permanent fury totem built in.
  • Potential Badges

    If they just allowed every badge to be potted and starred instead of removing access to pottable badges altogether, they wouldn't have created this whole "old players have a bigger advantage" problem in the first place. In other words, by doing that, they created an even bigger problem in doing so.

    I've never seen an MMORPG let old players have a permanent advantage over new ones like this before. Those people who have pottable badges will always be stronger than those who don't so you'll never be stronger than them in things like dojo for example. Which means you can't get into this game and try to be a top player since you're gated from ever being that.
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