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  • Getting tough on RMT (Suggestions)

    RMT is illegal. NOBODY seems to understand this. Many players quit and sell their items for USD. This is STRICTLY PROHIBITED by the ToS.

    Here are some suggestions to stop RMT.

    -Stricter censorship censoring out words like "USD" "CAD" "Dollars" "Paypal" "PP" that are associated with RMT
    -Also filter out names of RMT companies/individuals who sell mesos illegally. Mesos sold from RMT bots are inflating the maple economy.
    -Increase meso cap to 99b to discourage people from trading using real money. However, there must be effort done to stop meso inflation so people do not resort to RMT. Banning RMT advertisement bots will deflate the economy and make 99b an "impossible cap". KMS people do not RMT because their economy is so deflated they never need more then cap. This should be GMS's goal too.

    Players! Selling your gear for real money is ILLEGAL! Don't do it!

    We need to get tough on RMT and the black market!

    Thanks for reading!
  • Censorship Suggestion.... Round 3 Extended!


    I'm not an NX employee but I honestly have to disagree with you.

    You might not agree with my opinion, but we DO need some level of censorship. Especially if it's a PUBLIC game.

    I have had a friend on MS who was insulted because of her national origin as well as religion. She has personally asked me not to give her name or IGN out.

    Let's set things straight, MS is not a place where we insult other people's races or religions. It's a GAME. We're supposed to have FUN. Not to fight about controversial topics like race, religion, or politics. That's why we have censorship. It's to keep peace between the players of our diverse GMS community.

    As I will say again, I am not an admin nor a moderator. I do NOT WORK for Nexon. I am a player just like you. But I can agree with their censorship. It's for the good of the community, since it discourages trash talk and verbal harassment of other players.

    I am not going to fight about this.

    If you can't follow the rules, you have no right to be here.
  • Chat Filter Reform to Censor Illegal Advertising

    Many illegal Ad-bots who spam advertisements in town and in FM entrance.

    They sell mesos for real money which is against the game's ToS (Terms of Service).

    Banning these Adbots seem not to be working since they are always making new characters.

    Also, many of these malicious Ad-bots seem to bypass IP bans.

    A suggestion I would make is to improve the chat filter to make it harder for bots to illegally advertise meso sales on MapleStory.

    Bots are always bypassing the chat filter by putting brackets or symbols in their messages.

    Here is an example of a bot advertisement with a sample name (not referencing any real company names for legal reasons):

    30dfqaew: Buy Free Mesos at A(BCD)EFG.com!

    ABCDEFG is the sample company name that is illegally selling mesos. The company's name is ABCDEFG and is listed in the chat filter, but is NOT censored because of the use of brackets to bypass the chat filter.

    If the chat filter is updated to censor letters beyond brackets, the illegal botter would say this:

    30dfqaew: Buy Free Mesos at *(***)***.com!

    Strengthing the chat filter would curb illegal advertising and bot advertising. It will not fully stop illegal advertising, but I think making the chat filter a little more strict would put at least SOME illegal ad-bots out of business.
  • [Announcement] Regarding Kanna's Haku's Blessing

    In my honest opinion,

    Haku's Blessing's formula should stay the same.

    HOWEVER, it should be a self-buff and not apply to other mage parties.

    Haku's Blessing balances Kanna but it breaks other mage classes. So it should only apply to Kanna.
  • Survey - What's your favorite job?

    Night Lord is SO overrated.