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    Happening to a lot of people apparently. Bans seem to be related to the Liberated Spirit Circle skill proccing multiple times due to the server lag.
  • An Open Letter to Global Maplestory Management

    Nexon, please, nobody likes these changes and it shows.
  • Nexon, please reconsider your acts of "balancing"

    Yacy wrote: »
    Vyrtae wrote: »
    I'm an old player myself, and as an avid MMORPG player I completely understand MMORPGs shift and turn. However, I would like you to look at the bigger picture: Gollux has been the same for years and it makes no sense to only change it now

    To follow Nexon's goal of making end-game content hard/long to get... Yes, It does make sense. That's even the only reason I see for them making such a choice.

    It's just that we got used to directly jumping to BIS items in MS. In some other MMOs, you have to boost/scroll/enhance your current items, then get the next tier which you're gonna enhance too, then get the next tier... In MS people get CRA, Gollux, cube, and star the necessary, then go to Absolab and use that till Arcane. What you said about MMOs progression is not true for all of them.

    Finally, people should not be complaining about Gollux. Hell, we've been asking for Rings refill for years. We finally got it. I'm not gonna complain.

    What people should complain about is how LONG it takes for Arcane set. Just getting the weapon is as long a training 2 characters to level 250. They're gonna drop the number of coins for the set items from like 15 to 12. That's already good. But that's still years of farming Droplets. Do you get it? Gollux is nothing in comparison.

    Also, this is not only about Gollux and Arcane. It's clearly Nexon's whole scheme to slow player progression. Look how they nerfed mesos farming... I know people who quit because of that lol. They want us to log every day (dailies, daily reward, etc.) and play for many many years. I have 30 million range and this cost me about 500 million mesos. This is 2 years worth of farming mesos. You're gonna have all the time to get those Gollux gears lol. Now I cannot even kill the new end-game bosses. I think your complaining about Gollux only show that you're a relatively new/coming back player. If you want to complain about something, then complain about mesos farming or Arcane set at least.

    You're completely missing the point. This is not about Gollux being BiS. It's about content being revamped in a way that is unhealthy to the game. Why do you think this game doesn't attract many new players as it is? Changes like these are the ones being detrimental to the game cause all it does it create pointless timegating which wasn't there before. It's creating a bigger gap between new and old players which ultimately will turn new players off. Just cause we got ring refills doesn't mean this isn't bad design, you fail to look at the bigger picture here. Gollux is old content. Old content that has been established in the game for years by now, and changing it up to be harder does nothing but hurt potential new players. I'd love to have you give me an example of MMOs making an old piece of content harder after years of being in the game for the sake of timegating, this does not happen in other games.

    Arcane set is fine, and you know why? Because it's a longterm goal which players can work towards. Now say if they suddenly doubled the prices of droplets, would it still be fine? Would you still be happy? No, of course you wouldn't be. People with arcane gear right now would laugh since they got their gear for a good droplet rate, while you would have to suffer and grind twice as much to get there. This is basically what the whole gollux revamp is.
  • Nexon, please reconsider your acts of "balancing"

    I'm an old player myself, and as an avid MMORPG player I completely understand MMORPGs shift and turn. However, I would like you to look at the bigger picture: Gollux has been the same for years and it makes no sense to only change it now. As for old content that used to be BiS such as CRA or even Cygnus, it makes sense they become easier. MMORPGs follow either a vertical or horizontal progression system, and in both of these progression systems content eventually just become more accessable. That's the way it has always been, and that's also why current Gollux is unhealthy design. New content releases, better items become available, and older content becomes more accessable.

    In this case we got no new content; they only made existing items harder to get and existing content harder in general. A comparable situation would be Nexon suddenly cutting the droprate of droplets in half. Your "share of suffering" by having to change BiS sets back in the day are completely irrelevant and an entirely different topic, for this is bound to happen when new content is introduced. Thing is Gollux is not new content and newer players are not changing BiS sets, this whole revamp would have made more sense if they released an entirely new gollux set.

    Now I do think it's a good thing the shop is now restockable, but does it justify the amount of time newer players will now have to put in to get a set at all? Time gating has to be reasonable and realistic. If you're in reboot you'll now likely spend a good 5 to 8 months if not longer to even get to the items you need vs the previous 1 month, even with the droprate change. I think we can both agree this is unhealthy game design, especially when those same items were easier to get at some point along the run. Content is supposed to get more accessable in the long run, not harder out of nowhere, especially when said piece of content has been established for years. Like I mentioned before, the imbalance in the game has been created due to the fact that these items were easier to get at one point, meaning new players will have to put in more time and effort to get to the same level. The exact same scenario can be applied to familiar cards.
  • Nexon, please reconsider your acts of "balancing"

    Past few memos I have noticed a lot of decisions which do not sit well with the community have been made . It has been stated that all of these decisions have been made in order to maintain better balance in the game. The prime examples are:

    1. The removal of potable badges
    2. The Gollux revamp
    3. The nerfing of familiar card droprates.

    These three changes have an enormous impact on the game’s balance. However, here’s the thing: These three changes don’t improve the game’s balance, in fact they do the exact opposite. They all create imbalance in the game, the one thing that you are so determined about to counter.
    Now how does this create imbalance you may ask? Let’s take a look at every example.

    Potable badges
    The removal of potable badges made it so one item in people’s whole kits (the badge) can’t be cubed anymore. This means they are flat missing out on:

    1. A badge with starforce.
    2. A badge with up to 36% main stat.

    Both of these points completely invalidate any other badge in the game. Now the players who already had one of these badges, still have access to them. Due to the changes however, newer players are unable to get these badges in any way. This means older players will always have an advantage over newer players, thus creating imbalance between players in the game.

    The Gollux revamp
    After being in the game for years, the Gollux revamp gave him a huge buff. Gollux offers very strong accessories that are considered endgame. These accessories were not terribly hard to get, and were often regarded as something a player would want as soon as possible. The revamp essentially did the exact same thing as the removal of potable badges.

    Older players all had access to the easier Gollux, which enabled them to grab an accessory set with relative ease. It was pretty common to have a full superior Gollux set within a month of doing Gollux. Newer players however, will now have to go through a lot of steps to take on Gollux at all. Once they’re able to finally take on Gollux for Gollux Coins they will have to wait another month to even get ONE superior accessory. This change does not improve the game’s balance and yet again only creates imbalance between older and newer players. In the end every character will most likely end up with a gollux set regardless, and all this does is putting yet another pointless time gate on early to midgame progression.

    The familiar card droprate nerf
    The reason this change creates imbalance rather than balance is the same as the two reasons mentioned before. Players who had farmed 100s or even 1000s of jr. boogies before the droprate nerf have an enormous advantage over those who did not. The imbalance had already been created at this point, which was only reinforced by a nerfed familiar card droprate. They have their strong familiars, while the players who did not get any cards before the nerf will have to put in tremendous amounts of work. Weeks, months, or even years to get their desired cards, while the players that farmed boogies only had to sit there for an hour. This is, just like the previous two points, unhealthy for the game and only creates imbalance between the players.

    I’d love to see Nexon evaluate their past decisions of “balancing” the game, for all these decisions did was creating more and more imbalance in the game.