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  • Ign horders

    Last year a guy accidentally leaked a guild google sheet which had a hidden page with over 200 IGNs in store for loyal guild members
    One person had 200+ IGNs on low lvl mules. ONE.
    The last wipe was a while back. I wouldn't mind it being much more frequent
  • Soul Driver buff thread

    It'd be fun for Mihile to get a 5th job skill that makes Soul Driver bigger/better or a temporary buff that auto casts Soul Driver
    I too have a Ultimate Explorer Paladin for the same reason. Those were the best days :)
  • External Chat causes blackscreen and crash

    I don't know if this will help but I had a similar experience not long ago. My main would be stuck on a black screen even after a reboot.
    I was able to log on other characters and changing modes between window mode and full screen using alt+enter fixed it (somehow)
    Hopefully that works for you
  • An Open Letter to Global Maplestory Management

    They are also taking a really long time to fix the familiar system and gollux bugs. Seems like nexon employees are sitting on their butts enjoying the money from whales and cash shop updates instead of getting stuff done.

    While I have a strong opinion about this update, I will disagre with you there
    My team is smaller and we'd still have to go through these steps :
    1) Director board meeting to figure out what other projects will be delayed and what budget we got
    2) Assemble a team and match it to a project manager
    3) Schedule meetings, assign roles, compile feedback and bug data
    4) Try to replicate every single one of them and figure out why and how
    5) Go through the first analysis dozens of time and find multiple solutions that match schedule, budget, player feedback and the company's vision
    6) Build documentation for each of these solution
    7) Countless meetings where the VP/Director of finance crushes your dreams with finess
    8) This is where the dev team comes in (we may be at this stage right now depending on how much they're changing)
    9a) Magic happens and changes are tested individually then sent to QA
    9b) QA tests individual changes and send it back if it doesn't match the documentation
    9c) Changes that pass QA are sent to another test environement that's closer to the live servers. Many tests are performed across many features to make sure all new content works as intended and old content still work
    9d) Usually, go back to 9a) and, if things go very wrong, step 5)
    [optional] 10) Private test
    11) Pre-production and IT stuff
    12) Update live servers

    The bugs and Gollux stuff requires pretty much the same but with less meetings and testing
    This is happening while GMS is weeks away from a big summer update and a new class which, I assume, they still want to push after the Anniversary content so I wouldn't hope for much
  • GMS over the years

    You've got some great points but some others are debatable
    The core game is from KMS which doesn't have familiars and Monster Book. It's not balanced around that 30% IED and, since nobody has it, it's fair and not a big deal at all. You also get 15% from badges so the issue isn't the removal of Crusader Codex but the disaster that is the familiar system

    3. Since then we got access to virtually infinite 2x exp coupon from Legion and more exp coupons than most players could handle
    5. The 1.5 exp event happened twice a day for 2 week straight as opposed to 2x exp four times a month. How is that a nerf?
    It also happened while there was an influx of players and servers already had trouble handling it. We also got an event that gave up to 20 instant levels a day and are in the middle of an anniversary which offers15 Storm Growth Potions. There's afk-leveling events every other month. It has never been that easy to level.
    6. Balancing is very important. Sometimes that results in nerfs, accidental nerfs even. Most of the times it comes in the form of buffs and there are already 2 waves of buffs planned out for most classes over the next 8 months. If you feel a class was injustly butchered, I'd suggest making a detailed post about it like Demon Avengers, Jetts, Beast Tamers and Night Lords mains have ben doing for years. We might get lucky
    8. The reson they gave at the time was that servers couldn't handle it but we all know that's only part of the reason.
    There's been countless bannable offenses in relation to that specific item and countless debates because of its game-breaking effect for a pay-to-win item