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  • Aggraphine wrote: » Here's another way to sum up lab: I hope you like scrolling gear. You can clear all the lab server's achievement with only half scrolling a lvl 30 weapon and nothing else
  • Trystarr wrote: » I think the fact that you cant get into Arcane River as a beginner is a pretty good indication as to where the beginner community stands for Nexon. In-game achievement for reaching level 200 and 250 on Beginners, Noblesse, Citiz…
  • You can't compare a bonus event to anniversaries and summer/winter patch events. Still, a coin shop would give you 20 symbols/node a week per world while this event gives you an 80-120 extra symbols and up to 30-60 nodes per character PER DAY duri…
  • The party leader already can auto-complete even if other party members can't I used to run Hungry Muto with friends and if I held NPC Interact i'd accidentally auto-complete making me unable to help them on their last run
  • Probably because MSEA events are sometimes absolutely gamebreaking. In its current state it's still an incredible event. Keep in mind this is merely a bonus event between big updates on a server that has Reboot, Kanna, totems, familiars and a lot …
  • Players would just start carrying bosses every 30 minutes and leaving seconds before the end asking for a share on drops, mesos or less ToS-friendly compensation. Wasn't it the reason why it was re-designed to be at entry for the mid/late game boss…
  • I dropped one at Hectors a couple weeks ago
  • Thankfully that quest is not needed to complete the questline
  • The stance is meant to indicate which is active between Sun and Moon style. You can either use the buff again or right click it to go back to default
  • While at least 6 of the top 50 are very sketchy, 3 piece CRA is standard at all stages of the game. Zakum Face and Eye are very common meso/drop gear. If we were suspicious of anyone lvl 250+ wearing those we'd have to investigate on most players …
  • Bug type: Functionality Brief bug summary: The Mega Burninator coupon from the Rise event box (from leveling a Tera Burning character to 200) does not function at lvl 148. The character is, instead, leveled to 149. Mega Burning characters usuall…
  • From the patch notes : [Combo God] Mask: Available from July 29 at 12:00 AM UTC. [Combo God] Helmet: Available from August 5 at 12:00 AM UTC. [Combo God] Gloves: Available from August 12 at 12:00 AM UTC. [Combo God] Armor: Available from August …
  • Did you wait a few minutes? The message says it can take a while
  • Ghiblee wrote: » We are experiencing a higher volume of players than anticipated for the event. . I'd rather be lied to than this be true There's no way Nexon can be THIS disconnected from the game and the community. Players plan their progre…
  • CrystalOra wrote: » Am I wrong to want more for my Kanna that keeps getting nerfed over and over? Kannas are the best at everything this game has to offer on top of having the most broken mechanic built into their kit. They just got a wave of …
  • Since their release, there is a bug with female Arks where they don't see the animation for one of their 5th job skill. This would allow them to change gender and work around it since there's still no word on a fix
  • Last year a guy accidentally leaked a guild google sheet which had a hidden page with over 200 IGNs in store for loyal guild members One person had 200+ IGNs on low lvl mules. ONE. The last wipe was a while back. I wouldn't mind it being much more…
    in Ign horders Comment by Prophetie June 23
  • MarkRaven wrote: » even if they remove kishin or totem is fine for me if they increase mobs and spawn rate close to KMS KMS has the exact same mob count and spawn rate. What they do have is half-priced starforce
  • I assume your
    in Mesos Gain Comment by Prophetie June 18
  • It'd be fun for Mihile to get a 5th job skill that makes Soul Driver bigger/better or a temporary buff that auto casts Soul Driver I too have a Ultimate Explorer Paladin for the same reason. Those were the best days