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  • Jett's Backup Beatdown - Final Hit Damage

    Bug type: Skill

    Brief bug summary: Jett's 4th job skill Backup Beatdown is dealing lower damage than expected on the final hit.

    More details:

    Backup Beatdown's keydown attack is supposed to deal 450% damage per hit while you hold it down, and the final hit is supposed to deal 1200% damage. However, the final hit only does 450%, the same amount as the keydown attack.

    Video footage:

    Steps to reproduce:
    1. Hold down Backup Beatdown when fighting a monster / boss. Notice that the last hit deals the same damage as the hits before that.

    Character name: StolenRevamp

    Character level: 226

    Character job: Jett

    World name: Bera (applies to any world, however)

    Date and time of the incident: June 17, 2021 at 8:00 PM EST (but has existed for a while)
  • Turret Deployment Does Not Attack On Jett's Ship

    Bug type: Skill

    Brief bug summary: When Jett uses their skill Anti-Gravity Cycle SFF-X Summon (the ship), a summoned Turret Deployment will stop attacking.

    More details:

    Jett sometimes uses Turret Deployment for bossing, such as taking care of the Veilstones on the bottom floor of Gollux. However, the Turret stops attacking once Jett uses the spaceship skill Anti-Gravity Cycle SFF-X Summon. If Jett deactivates the spaceship, then the Turret will resume attacking.

    Video footage:

    Steps to reproduce:
    1. Cast Turret Deployment, and have it attack any enemies.
    2. Use the skill Anti-Gravity Cycle SFF-X Summon, and notice how the Turret Deployment will stop attacking.

    Character name: StolenRevamp

    Character level: 225

    Character job: Jett

    World name: Bera (applies to any world, however)

    Date and time of the incident: June 1, 2021 at 8:00 PM EST (but has existed since December 2020, the Awake update)
  • Cannot proceed with Hieizan Temple Questline

    You should be able to click on the altar without having to talk to Hayato, it should give you the spear.
  • An open letter on the state of the game

    SenzuBean wrote: »

    I'm not saying GMS adopting KMS practices will fix all the problems of GMS
    KMS also comes with it's fair share of issues
    But you can't really deny that the main GMS issues would be fixed simply by doing nothing to KMS and adding localization

    I know you're passionate, but how long will you last?
    Of these features, which are bad for the game:

    -Mileage System (Ability to get anything in the cash shop with gameplay, few exceptions)
    I'll admit I would like to see Reward Points be more useful for the Cash Shop, but changing the name to Mileage won't automatically add these features (though renaming Reward Points to Mileage would be a nice distinction from Maple Points, but I digress).

    -Tradable Cubes
    I (and most other people) would rather not deal with KMS's awful cube tier up rates. For reference, their Double Miracle Time tier-up rates are equivalent to our normal rates.

    -Halved Starforce Costs
    I would like to see Star Force costs reduced, but if MapleSEA can get it when they have better Kishin, along with similar botter problems, so can we.

    -Releases don't take half a year MINIMUM to come to other regions
    You realize that the major updates come in the winter and summer for all MS regions, right? It does take time to translate and localize content, and there are likely other procedures that go into it that we don't know about. If it were to take 2 months instead of 6, that still wouldn't work because they would miss releasing content when the iron is hot.

    -Hack/Botter Protection
    The main anti-hack protections that KMS has involves linking your Nexon account to your real-life identity (with alternatives aside from KSSN). Unfortunately, that wouldn't work in other regions due to differing laws that would prevent such a thing. Nexon also uses various lie detectors that disrupt gameplay, usually affecting legitimate players too. The most notorious example of this would be the Violetta minigame, which can occur at the most inopportune moments such as during bosses and cutscenes (the latter of which will not let you actually click on the minigame. Somacguffin's video on the Violetta minigame is more than satire, but something that actually happens to players:

    -A support that aren't bots who give stock answers (GMS Support is so bad even if a false ban is overturned they don't give any compensation ... not even exp bebe boxes which I would think was the minimum)
    How exactly would KMS-ifying other servers improve this? Customer service has nothing to do with the game's content.

    -No P2W Items (Frenzy, Breath of Divinity)
    While I have issues with P2W items, I have more issues with the awful spawn rates that KMS has, and definitely would not get as far as I have.

    -Better servers
    Turning us into a KMS clone also won't magically solve the server issues we have.
    All this has made a flourishing playerbase in KMS.
    Never mind the fact that Korea in general has a much more grandiose MMO gaming culture than the West, or most other MS regions. MMOs in the west are nowhere as popular as they are in Korea.

    My replies in bold. People who want to turn other servers into KMS clones are snake oil salesmen; it will not magically solve any and all issues since some of them go beyond being KMS clones, and while the other servers have slow progression rates, KMS takes it one step further with how slow it is. As much as some of these issues hinder GMS, such as the constant disconnects and bad customer service, there are other solutions besides KMS-ifying the non-KMS regions.
  • Obtaining Tyrant Gloves from Kritias

    Well rip i just read some kms patchnotes and theyre removing kritias completely. I hope that means people will start doing the content for some of the rewards before they remove it. Kms patch notes also doesnt say anything about alternative way of obtain tyrant gloves after removal of kritias but i hope they put it in the magnus coin shop.

    Kritias itself isn't being removed, only invasions and Hekaton as AKradian pointed out; the weekly quests are still there.