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  • Discussion: "Both" Tab in Rankings

    Now if only it worked...
  • Has anyone completed the 10-minute survival quest?

    People on discord say that they have...Video or it did not happen!!!

    I have a 233 Ark that I have been leveling w/o the help of a kanna or totem. I'm not even on it all the time and I'm 233! Kanna kinshin/totem are nice but not needed to level a character in the game. I also have a 243 Kanna that I boss with, so it is not just a kanna mule! No matter what happens in the future I will still play and level characters. There are things you can do to boost your exp in game: Legion can give 10% exp on the grid, Zero card in Legion gives 10% exp, Legion shop sells 2x exp cards, Mercedies link skill give 20% exp for 3rd link, Monster park gold pots give 10% exp, pendant of the spirit are given out often, and people share MVP buffs! You can gain much more exp if you play smart!!!
  • why is this cancer a thing

    Fuhreak wrote: »
    I think they were trying to help people that open a window and instantly get attacked by a mob or something.
    You know, all those people that open their windows and don't expect this to happen?
    Yeah me neither.

    You know what would help with the whole not getting attacked thing? Getting rid of the advertisement when you log in after getting d/c!!! You can't move until you close it and I have been killed on weaker characters after d/c because of it.
  • Pottable Badges

    Fuhreak wrote: »
    Aggraphine wrote: »
    The sengoku badge is still a thing, you all realize. It's a recurring event.

    Sure it's not as common as "you can literally do these quests and get this any hour of any day of the week", but it's disingenuous to talk like new players will forever be stuck with a crystal ventus badge.

    Saying that the Sekgoku Badge is still a thing doesn't mean the removal of Ghost Ship Badge isn't a huge disadvantage to players who create characters now vs in the past.
    The is just like you said, it's on-demand vs an event. Players had control over it in the past, now they just have to pray to Nexon gods.
    Personally I don't think it matters too much. Nexon should (imo) just remove both badges and be done with it.

    If your going to say that the Ghost Ship Badge that was available for literally years (2013 or earlier), should be removed along with the current Sengoku then you may as well remove all old school equips that are no longer around. All old medals and other items that give old dedicated players an advantage. Why should players that have been on for years have an advantage? May as well wipe some of our old characters out while your at it, after all it is an unfair advantage that we have so many levels in our Legion. Okay enough of that sarcasm. =] The equips of today are the trash of tomorrow. This has been proven over and over as the game content changes and evolves. There may yet be new and better items brought forth in the future that make our current items look like NPC fodder. I'm sorry if the current selection of Badges leaves much to be desired. However Nexon has been known to shake things up every now and then. Items that were not tradable or potable in the past now are and others may become so in the future. Examples of this are vonleon 120 equips (at one time were stuck on a character), 130 equips(no trade after equip at first), Cursed Kaiserium (now can have pot). Things change and you never know when those Crystal Ventus Badges might get buffed or replaced with something much better! Part of being a new player is being NEW. New players have to work and earn in game items just like the old school players did. I really don't see them being at that much of a disadvantage considering the nothing we started with back in the day. Leveling was harder and most of the stuff currently in the game was only a far away thought in a Korean programmers head. We did not have Pendants, Rings, Badges, Medals, Titles, Eye or Face accessories!!! So stop complaining about one type of Badge that was taken out of the game, it will be replaced eventually. Nexon knows that people spend money on cubes, they will give us more stuff that needs cubes.