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  • Uuuum Maintenance still going?

    AKradian wrote: »
    CrystalOra wrote: »
    many of us will have missed a day by the time it is up. I will not be able to do the 300 daily kill =[

    If you're talking about November 20, we were told in the maintenance notice to complete our dailies before maintenance starts. We had 18 hours to do it.
    If you're talking about November 21, assuming the game is up at 11PM PST as currently estimated, we'll have 17 hours to do its dailies.

    Yeah some of us have these things called JOBS and need this other thing called SLEEP. The time that I am able to spend playing after I get off work has already up and flown away. If the game is up in the next 20 min or so I might be able to do some things quick, but the rest of that "17 hours" is a no go for anyone working a normal shift in many time zones.
  • Uuuum Maintenance still going?

    many of us will have missed a day by the time it is up. I will not be able to do the 300 daily kill =[
  • frenzy totem

    darik wrote: »
    Why do you even waste such high amount of money to begin with in a game that has such enormus issues like constant dc, hackers, extremelly sloe progression and constant dailies and event that require you to play every single day for a few hours...

    To make people ask questions!
  • Perm Throwing star cover

    There were perm ones back in the day. I got some that look like blue and white dragon bey blades. That was a very long time ago.
  • Combine the CS of more lonely characters!

    There are certain classes of characters in the game who are very much alone when it comes to the cash shop. Some characters are alone or have only one other sharing the cs with them. I would like to see some of these characters either become part of one of the other larger groups or combine some of the smaller ones. Kinesis, Beast Tamer, and Zero don't share with anyone else at this point. The Sengoku and Flora only have two each. Nova finally has three, but still could be combined with others. I have items in my cash shops that I would like to share with these classes and only can do it when there is an open event. Please consider joining some of the lonely cash shop characters together!!!