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  • Pottable Badges

    You can still get a badge to potential from the Sengoku High event. Just give it some time and you can have one.
  • Ardent Mill - Harvesting bigger but not better.

    The Secret Herb Patches are almost empty! They have been changed to be bigger maps, but they have giant open spaces. The flowers and rocks do not fill up the map when they spawn. There are platforms with only one thing on them. All of this wide open nothing to farm is not an improvement!!! I know that the entire area changes and re-spawns, but it would be nice if it were full. Or we could just change the name of the Secret Herb Patches to Montana! Big and open with nothing for miles!
  • What do you remember the most about Maple?

    I remember waking up to the original opening song. My husband at the time decided to try it out and I was so into the game that even though he had it on very low volume across the house I was right there going "what ya doing?" Scared the pants off him!!!
  • Marriage to a Few Wives Simultaneously.

    Insurance does not cover circumcision anymore. Religion is not the total reason for it being done. Circumcision only became as widely practiced as it is because of WWI and uncontrollable infections while troops were stuck in trenches. Men were having the procedure done by field Doctors, (or a good buddy) in unsanitary conditions w/o anesthesia to save their lives,"OUCH!!!"
  • Do you think the community has gone up or down?

    The community has suffered because party play is not supported as it was in the past. If you take others with you bossing you will receive less money/exp. If you train with others the exp is also bad. There is no incentive to play with others in the community. It is sad, but as the power divide between the remaining players (funded vs unfunded) becomes even wider the game will continue to suffer player loss. Events in the game stopped being good after the ninth anniversary, only giving temporary stat medals and titles. Bring back the Sword Art Online event! The medal from that was great! Give us better things to work for that are actually obtainable via game play that don't expire!!!