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I play in GRAZED leading 3 guilds, Wrath Syndicate and Exempt. My second server is Reboot. I also play in Luna as I live in Europe. I also play KMS Luna server as well as MapleStory 2 Korea
  • Override Community Concerns & Reported Issues

    How about my concern/many other users, on in every major patch the updater gets stuck and any attempt at fixing it will reinstall the game?
  • New Nova Thief

    Hoping for character slot expansion..
  • MapleStory 2 release date please?

    Neospector wrote: »
    Wait................... what do you mean by that? :/

    In the Korean market, Maplestory 2 isn't (or wasn't, I'm unsure of its popularity currently) doing as well as Maplestory. This is because of a number of factors, like poor advertising.
    A similar issue occurred with the Wii U; Nintendo poorly advertised the system and many people thought it was an extension of the Wii, resulting in lower sales, despite quite a few of the games being quite good.

    Overall there's no official release date that I've heard off, either officially from Nexon or from community reports. Only speculation based on supposed job offers related to MS2 appearing and disappearing from the Nexon website. So, we'll see what happens when it happens if it happens, nothing's confirmed or denied and it's mostly up in limbo for now.

    lol it's not because of poor advertising it's because Koreans are so invested in MapleStory 1 . Besides MapleStory 2 has a good player based and it would do better over here than in Korea because we don't have as many people playing MapleStory 1 as Korea does. Maple players over here want a new experience like MapleStory 2 over a grind based game like MapleStory 1. Different games please different markets. But you can also take in to account that there games are better managed...
  • World leap

    Would rather they just merge all regular server and just expand all the channels..... and character slots tbh
  • Beast Tamer unable to respawn at Hilla/Root Abyss

    I think it's if you die twice while in bear mode in a small window