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  • Arwoo's Ride Stops Here - Farewell MS Community

    woops double
  • Removal of /Find command + Teleport rock option

    Sorrow wrote: »
    People were able to log onto another mule after being blacklisted and /find you prior to this change. If you were being harassed by someone, there was no avoiding it because of how blacklist worked and it could easily be worked around. This change protects players from being bullied in this game, and I like this change. You guys are acting like this is about protecting hackers/botters when it isn't, it's about protecting players that are getting bullied/harassed.

    blocking whispers / going offline mode was too much? It was introduced in KMS because of streamers and other famous players being stalked.

    The situation is not the same as KMS as everyone else has already said
  • Removal of /Find command + Teleport rock option

    ManiOh wrote: »
    Nexon has always favored hackers. This change to help protect them more is no surprise.

    Haha, of course, I'm glad that we still have a few people like you who actually understand and saw the truth through nexon.

    About 60-70% of the population in Bera are botters and hackers, so of course they'd rather protect most of their players, duh.


    watch ouuut watch outtttt
    dont public point at them,name and shame not good
    they got right in this game to :)

    Everyone knows who they are and I'll continue reporting all illegitimate players as usual

    I just don't understand what Nexon is thinking with this change. They ask for proof but make it harder and harder for legit players to get anything... They are in need of player support but at the same time they step on our feet
  • Removal of /Find command + Teleport rock option

    "The /find command has been removed. Players can find their friends from their Buddy list.

    Teleport Rocks can now only be used by players that grant permission to use the item. Go to Settings/Options/Social to uncheck the option to allow the use of a Teleport Rock."

    Thanks for showing how much you care Nexon.. have fun with all the hackers..

  • Nexon is it so hard to ban hackers / spammers???

    They don't seem to care, I've reported this guy
    For the last 2 weeks with proof and he's kept hacking and leveling

    The live chat doesn't seem to care and keep giving the same "I've passed this on" message every time and tickets would be closed. Honestly I think just love the hackers at this point and would rather ban legit players for no reason.

    It's sad when you guys bug a player because of Frederick and then block them for 2 days before even banning a hacker