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  • A Proposal that needs your support.

    You guys are all missing the point and it's a shame. Yea, we all know these people aren't completely innocent but it's quite sad how the attention shifted away from the hackers, exploiters, and dupers and stuck on the banned 'pros'. Whether it's because you guys are jealous, intolerable to mistakes, or simply ignorant, almost everyone here is condemning the people who got banned for getting into this situation, when the blame should be placed on the exploiters who made all of this happen. Hackers continue to run rampant and ruin this game but I'm glad we can all sit here and judge these people who got banned.
  • I have nothing positive to say

    Catooolooo wrote: »
    But worst part of it all, is that we can't talk about it... there's a word for this but I can't think of it right now.

    Not a word, an acronym. FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt).

    As long as hacking exists there will be pseudo measures in order to combat it. Nexon Game Security, Police GMMapleStory, Anti-Boss Hack mechanics (Magnus, Lotus) demonstrates perfectly well how effective they are when determining legitimate players and hackers.

    Because of seeing the market "flushed with many items" that are most likely botted this is why we can't talk about the rates being "too low". It's been inflated by hackers to make it look like the rates are decent but at the end of the day only the cheaters and merchants benefit greatly while the average player loses out in almost every instance, besides being affordable.

    The Cash Shop can cater towards legitimate players but the way the specials and recent MVP has been pushed out as if we're alright with random RNG with possibly a high chance of not getting the item we want, along with 90 day or less duration items. Sure maybe by some chance you can sell a CSS (Cash Shop Surprise) item, but for a crappy item from Philosopher Books or Gachapon you're dirt out of luck. In terms of limited time duration items there are chances you may never get it again. I was looking out for a Lucid clothing package but since they released it in CSS I have to rely on the market. They're probably way too expensive to buy and chances are maybe over the 10 billion max mesos, which causes even more problems there which someone has highlighted in a different thread.

    Right. FUD. Nexons main defense.

    But those psuedo measures do not work. They hindered legit players more than hackers in almost every instance. I'm not referring to you personally, but it seems like people assume that hackers are dumb. Sure, some people probably just use hacking programs that other people design, but to be a "hacker", Im pretty sure you need to have more than just a basic understand of how things work in order to make a workaround(aka a hack). Well at least that's what I think.

    As for the items, hackers sell like 90% of all CSS, Epic pot scrolls, protection scrolls, basically everything that elites drop and pros use to make godly equips. Can you begin to imagine just by how much the prices will go up if there were no hackers? I really think Nexon realized how deeply rooted hackers are and how much work they would need to do to get rid of them. And if they can't even fix the lag issue and basically every other issue, what hope is there that they will one day fix the hacker issue? I just don't see it.

    Agreed. As much as I would love to be able to hold more than 10bil mesos, it will be a negative impact to the majority of players. Therefore, I hope they do not increase the cap. As for the CS, I have nothing nice to say about it so I'll just keep my words to myself. But I sure would like to hear from a Nexon employee how I can cube my bonus potential if I can't buy nx in my country. Or how I can get15 star tyrants. How does one buy a 15 star tyrants with mesos?

    most of the "hackers" that people are complaining about are really just Script kiddies, that bought (for roughly $100+ subscription of some kind) a hacking script program made by a group of maybe 4~5 people that keep it updated constantly. the 4~5 people are the real hackers and most likely do not use their own hacks/ scripts very much outside of testing them or updating them tbh, so most of the players you are seeing are just dumb people. there are maybe the odd few that are real scripters and hackers but the real hackers make more money selling their hacks than using them in-game to generate profit. The bots are likely made on some scripting function which makes it hard to get rid of them for any amount of time longer than a day or two.

    if a meaningful account creation limiter could be placed, it would likely cut the bots by 80%, but how that is implemented in a way that is both legal in the places GMS services and still keeps it open for the general public is the real problem.
    I honestly don't care what or who the hackers are. Whether their pros or noobs. It's obvious Nexon wants them around. Especially since that account creation limiter has been suggested dozens of times in the past only to get swept under the rug
  • What are your thoughts on exploiters?

    @NoComparison Don't care anymore. Doesn't change anything. Hackers and legits will now do it. Nexon will put a small bandaid on said exploit and punish a small portion of the abusers. Next time said event comes around, the exploiters will anticipate that it wasnt properly patched last time and sure enough the cycle repeats. So there's no point in even talking about it.

    "I think they can do something about since they can track down and ban people with the items. So that brings the question to the table, how will the punish and discourage hackers in the future?"

    They have been able to do that since.... day 1? If they planned to do something about it, they could have and would have a long time ago. I wrote this a few months ago and I think it sorta applies to what you're saying. http://forums.maplestory.nexon.net/discussion/comment/22885#Comment_22885
  • Well, I'm gone.

    This is when Nexon needs us more than ever. They released the MVP system so we can spend more $ on NX + get rewards for it too. If we don't support Nexon, they may not have sufficient funds to improve the game like they said they would do
  • MVP system

    Come on guys, let's support Nexon and purchase nx. That way, they can have more money to help get rid of lag and other issues. It's a win/win for everyone.