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  • Aggregated Suggestion List for a Better MapleStory

    Wardine wrote: »
    Reopen the Tespia Server and add incentive to find bug

    Doesn't really matter. There were bugs reported during the last test server shenanigans a couple years ago that made it into live anyway.
  • i want to make friends

    The reason towns seem so devoid of activity is because everyone more or less migrated to nameless town, which is an area restricted to level 200+ players that have cleared the 5th job advancement.
  • Sitting at 200...

    Penguinz0 wrote: »
    Jostabeere wrote: »
    What do I have to do to get that massive increase in damage output?

    Your damage output can be increased by 50% by having arcane force of 1.5 x (required field arcane force). For example, if you need 60 arcane force to deal full damage, you need 90 arcane force to deal 1.5 times the damage.

    If you mouse over the arcane power bar underneath the minimap, it'll tell you how much you're over by, and what your dealing/receiving damage ratio is. When you're over by 150%(so the 1.5x mentioned above) you'll have a deal/receive damage ratio of 150%/0%, meaning you'll deal 50% more damage and take hits of 1 damage. Exception to this being those flying little potion-locking bastards that will always do a percentage of your max hp as damage; even when you're at 150/0 you'll still take a 10% knock from them.
    Jostabeere wrote: »
    Penguinz0 wrote: »
    Post pictures of your equips if you want advice on your gears.
    Potted with 3%INT on hat, pendant, robe, and shoes.
    9% int on face, 3%int and 3% all stats on earrings, 6% Int on eyes, 6% int on pants, 5% int on gloves and 8% crit on fan.
    Also if important, I'm on Bera.
    I get around 390-417K fully buffed.
    12* on fan, armor with 7*, rest between 7-10*.

    No potential on the kanna ring or your emblem. That, my friend, is a problem you need to solve. Greed pendant is not worth using. Start doing gollux, look up a guide if necessary, should be plenty.
  • Sitting at 200...

    Welcome to dailystory, it's all grind-hell from here on out.

    There are two npcs on the left side of nameless town, near the portal back to temple of time. The one on the right offers you five areal quests consisting of kill or collect objectives. The requirements are as follows:
    • Kill 200 mobs(130 for lantern erdas)
    • Collect 50 samples(33 for lantern erdas)
    • Collect 30 inhibitors and deliver them to an npc out in the area you collected the inhibitors from
      • Oblivion: weathered land of rage and sorrow
      • Extinction: fire zone
      • Repose: below the cave

    The npc on the left is a small party quest which is explained here.
  • Game crashes everytime my hat booms

    What an incredibly in-depth and detailed bug report! I'm sure this will be immeasurably helpful to solving this problem.