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  • Cash Shop


    Don't know where to post it. i reported this to live support 3+- hours ago and now actions been taken, well sort of

    Royal Style Coupons

    [Updated 3/23] We discovered an issue where the Royal Face Coupon was giving an incorrect face style, and we have removed the Royal Face Coupon from sale in the Cash Shop at this time

    The Female face coupon is the broken one, and its still available in cash shop (the broken one) hour after the above update.

    I'm to tired to wait for live agent again, and i'm about to go to sleep.
  • Hiding stuff now, are we?

    Arwoo wrote: »

    Players are more than welcomed to rant in the General Chat section of the forums if it's Maple related as long as it follows our CoC.

    Took a risk with cubing your equipment and ended up with terrible lines? That's general MapleStory chat!
    Star Force says 70%, but it feels more like 0%? Rant about it here!
    Your package you ordered from Amazon dropped into the Atlantic Ocean? Rant about it Off-Topic.

    I took a screenshot of that F3

  • A Proposal that needs your support.

    that was never available in game free market.

    Those players bought it with dollars from hackers in hacking websites.

    Let me say, they not done it by mistake, they all pro players who knows very well that no one can obtain it legally (need 25 weeks to get enough coins).
    Using this weapons before legit players its like using hacks, like ppl who use Frenzy totem hack (or duped) while other ppl try to obtain frenzy totem legally.

    They took the risk, and got caught.
    I don't care if they perm banned or not, but for sure should keep them out of ranking.
  • Breath of Divinity Ring

    AcerBeast wrote: »
    This makes little sense. The ring was originally in the list b4 someone ninja edit it out and if it was not intended to be in the books, it shouldn't have been obtainable in the first place. If you fixed the skill than why would need to remove it from the rewards to monitor it (the only problem with the skill is not knowing the 2nd hp bar value)? Instead of keeping the ring in the book and benefiting philosopher book sales, your helping dupers make more profit.

    dupers will always make more profit. (take frenzy totem which in books as example)

    Ring not working 100% as intended at the moment, and some stuff is missing so..
    they removed it for a good reason, and i do understand why they don't want to sell a broken item.

    like they said, they monitor it and will try to fix it, and if everything goes well they will re-add it next time..

  • I dislike how botting violations are enforced.

    yea.. maybe nexon changed t&c and hacking is allowed now..