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  • Meister Locks

    We should really have a way to lock up our meisters from decaying

    now before someone flames me saying this would end up being abusive, here's how i thought it should work.

    people go on breaks from maple, for who knows how long, but sometimes its hard to stay off the game completely because of the decay.

    maybe sometimes even discouraging to redo the meister.

    So for this lock, what if we can lock our decay for however long we want, but when its LOCKED, we CAN'T use it as long as it is locked.

    basically 2 items which are for locking and unlocking, as long as it's locked, you can't use it, and as long as its locked, you can be off maple without having to work for it again.
  • New Mage!!!

    and people said that the elf dude wasnt gonna be a new class :^)



    Not a Nova :(

    how tilted are you Archers rofl
  • KMS got character slot #41 for Cadena

    thrakkes wrote: »
    Why would we need more than 40 character slots anyways? I know some explorers which don't please everyone, other type of classes have link skills so I make them mainly.

    because in gms, we have a total of 41 classes and w/ the upcoming 2 new classes in KMS, that makes it 43 + PB event = 44.

    Union/Legion requires you to make all classes for good stats. meaning all adventurer classes even if u can job change.
  • Increase the max Character slots

    AKradian wrote: »
    I'm curious as to whether KMS players are just accepting the need to delete a high-leveled character to make room for Cadena, and for Pink Bean whenever the event returns. They don't have as many classes, but they too are pushed by Union to make 40 characters of at least level 150.

    If they convince KMS to raise the limit there, then we should get the raised limit here when we get Cadena.

    But if they're taking this lying down, then we need to make it clear that we need at least 4 slots more than KMS, for the 4 classes they don't have and we do. And yes, Legion should only count the 40 highest leveled characters.

    KMS only has 38 classes, excluding Pink Bean so they don't really need an expansion

    w/ the next 2 upcoming classes, they'll be at cap.
  • Character Deletion

    I suggest giving players at least 1 free atuo delete per server maintenance. Or a fixed time frame.

    (to not have to wait 24 hours)

    waiting a day isn't so hard, the reason its 24 hours is for when a hacker gets into your account,
    meaning if you do get hacked and they attempt to delete your character, you have 24 hours to stop it.
    A player is bound to check his/her account at least once within 24 hours.

    if you shorten it to.. lets say 6 hours, say that it was 1pm to 7pm (working hours)
    you have no way to stop this.