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  • Support Additional Control Options!

    Honestly I never thought about how handicapped players would play Maple. @-@ I don't really know how they'd work that out, unless you had some ideas. It might be good to @ one of the nexon employees since they'd be more likely to see this like that.
    The only one I know is @KThxBaiNao and I think @thokim is part of nexon too. Idk if either of them can do anything though.
    (Right handed)

    I wish there are some better example... but imagine playing game like this with left hand.


    This is a good example.
  • Substantially increase the drop rate on rice cakes

    I believe it appears to be impossible to even reach the 1500 cakes as we can only do 72 cakes a day x 20 days (19 for most as they missed that one day due to UTC).
    1440 cakes can be made.. This is a very poorly planned event.

    1. Buff drop rate to be equivalent as shimmering stars (Crown stack).
    2. Lower the needed 1500 cakes for the 40 coins or extend the event by another week or two.
    You can get more coins from doing the Bunny mini-games (the Space Pirates and the Mice things).
    Or change the crafting success rate of A > S 100%. Otherwise we wouldn't be complaining about the drop rate + BS RNG of this event.

    In fact, Nexon think that everyone has 150% Drop rate gears in total to do this type of event.
  • suggestion - increase luminous mobbing ability

    I main Lumi and i have to say no to this one.

    Reflection range is as good as it is and the only problem is their teleport range. If you were to asked me.. do i like the current teleport? Sure i do because it's better than playing most classes who has low mobility power. For example, Hero, Paladin, DK, etc.

  • Really...

    Are they even planning to extend the event? or at least Compensation?

    I don't see the reason to run this event if we keep getting locked out during the duration of the event.

  • Cash Shop - Permanent Weapons Purchaseable Option!

    As the title suggested, allowed us players to purchased NX weapon of choice that are available in the Cash Shop in return that they cannot be trade after purchased!

    I have seen some of the goodies like Blazing Sword, Shockwaves, and maybe other stuffs like cool looking outfit that are difficult to obtain through Premium Boxes! (Except a few times when they are available)....