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  • i'd say my perm ombre and luce sabre is pretty cool OOOh this would be one! Ty!
  • Define "cool"? Something like Sweetwater stuffs~ (Love the design).
  • im so dissapointed for the nexon how it really works..... with only 10 daily coins, u need 20 days to buy 1 item from the merchant that cost 200 coins.... imagine 500 coins +++ items...... fml!!! change it again how it was!!!!! You also get 60 coin…
  • ^ This, couldn't agreed more. I may not be playing in Luna but i feel the same way. The new server reset time is really messing around players at the time being. (Except for those hardcore gamer sitting on maple 24/7).
  • Not necessary needed because the drop rate is simply amazing from the start. I get almost 25+ nebulites boxes a day with Karma farming (180% Drop Rate gears) + Reboot Drop Rate. (Farming in Kiritas corrupt forest 2 map btw).
  • Gosh dang it. You just gave away the only class that can solo Lucid when she come out... RIP DREAM.
  • the first shop closes on the 27th But as you can see from the video from the test server. There's no second shop + (season 1 shop + rewards/items were removed) - (Aside from the first category like CSS/etc). That's the exact NPC/Shop from the even…
  • Dam man, im sorry to hear that I was hopeful that they wouldve decrease the time we had to wait (15min for drop) or could solo for coins/capes (rather than have 3 people there) I didnt expect that if we were to fail, we wouldnt be able to re-enter. …
  • Hi Jorjax, could you explain this a bit more What happened was... I tried to solo Hmag (Practices) somewhere today (before server reset). Obviously, i failed to the attempt and I tried to requeue to Hard Magnus in 45 minutes. It said that "You have…
  • I requested 100k maple points. That's pretty generous don't you think? Let use our brain properly guys! Nexon know what we wanted..
  • Is there a remote that's switched (like mirrored) for left handed one-handed gamers? Someone was saying there's a 3rd party program you can use to use a remote for maplestory, but idk if it's actually "allowed" by the rules. So there is definitely …
  • Honestly I never thought about how handicapped players would play Maple. @-@ I don't really know how they'd work that out, unless you had some ideas. It might be good to @ one of the nexon employees since they'd be more likely to see this like that.…
  • "pull up some random old stuffs" LET GO -snip- Can you take a guess which classes is this? Holy Maplo-errr that resolution is huge lol. Is that Demon Slayer? O.o -Stalk the artist-
  • Just finished my ring today. To sum it up, I cleared Rice cakes event + Pirate and Mice EVERY SINGLE DAY. (72+25 bonus) + (30-45 Average Mice + 30 Pirate) = 157-172 or (130 depending on glitches Pirate/Mice Queue) coins Dailies starting November 1…
  • Not likely going to happen knowing how greedy Nexon can be, but worth the shot. +1 to this.
  • 450 coins later. Still not a single a S jewels. On the other hand, my friend already crafted one.. such RNG..
  • I believe it appears to be impossible to even reach the 1500 cakes as we can only do 72 cakes a day x 20 days (19 for most as they missed that one day due to UTC). 1440 cakes can be made.. This is a very poorly planned event. 1. Buff drop rate to b…
  • To be honest, we just to see how Nexon going to response with all the suggestions and requests regarding about the flames implements for GMS. Not to mention that many EMS players already had flames on their gears... Off-topic about this... If we ar…
  • I think the problem here is that the Union Trade is the only way to get denaros if one has no more and used up the stimulus option. Having that as the only method of getting denaros mean players have to rely on partying with others just to be able …
  • HThat option already exiss. It's called solo voyages... And the party option is indeed more rewarded. That's normal voyage... completely different from Union Trade PQ. How is it different? Originally we only had the solo voyages. Then Nexon adde…