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  • PIC for storage

    It was not mentioned that PIC for storage is required. I would consider to remove that requirement for storage access.
    Most of overseas even don't have it!
  • My wishes for convincing gameplay 2020

    I miss to great periods and events like 2017:
  • Thailand MapleStory Closed

    With heavy hearts, today Thailand MapleStory was closed and will not continue to service further.
    This is due to Nexon Thailand official termination of service contracts with game developers.

    The official old webpage:

    The official old facebook page:

    Sadly, they don't have data migration policy, so everything they played and worked for will not have a new home.
    They could only have a fresh start for those who wish to continue playing in MapleStorySEA and having a free appreciation gift code to you there.
    To earn the gift code, it was needed to log into the game (Siam world) and talk to an NPC called Maple Fairy which provides free local gifts everyday and a code to use in MapleStorySEA for every account.
    All those who used to log in to the game since today was eligible to earn a free appreciation gift code for MapleStorySEA which could be used there.
    The gift is including Mega Burning Booster (Mega Burninator to gain 2 additional levels up to level 130), level 50, 100, 150 and 200 boxes which will expire 1 month later upon receiving the gift.
    Newly created accounts will receive armor sets for level 50, 100 and 150 while existing accounts will receive ability and enhancement items (for level 150 - 17 star enhancement scroll for items up to level 160).

    So it's a very sad for me personally as I played there myself and enjoyed various fun events which were being held over the time.

    So, that's it. Hoping for a better future of the game as I believe that in certain way it's getting worse than how it was used to be previously few years ago.
  • Extravagameza MMF Rimbo Rhythm Game Clear 2950pts

    I was able to reach that goal, too.
    I did it almost same as you but with few differences.
  • Bring back revamped Singapore alongside Malaysia

    Hello there,

    I would like to request you to reconsider bringing back a revamped Singapore area alongside the The Malaysia which is going to be revamped.
    I believe it will be greatly appreciated that the whole Singapore content will be available once again to all players, and everybody will able to be benefited by these.
    Also, please reconsider to preserve some exclusive monster drops which is not available in other areas.

    Thank you for your understanding and listening.