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  • Thailand MapleStory Closed

    With heavy hearts, today Thailand MapleStory was closed and will not continue to service further.
    This is due to Nexon Thailand official termination of service contracts with game developers.

    The official old webpage:

    The official old facebook page:

    Sadly, they don't have data migration policy, so everything they played and worked for will not have a new home.
    They could only have a fresh start for those who wish to continue playing in MapleStorySEA and having a free appreciation gift code to you there.
    To earn the gift code, it was needed to log into the game (Siam world) and talk to an NPC called Maple Fairy which provides free local gifts everyday and a code to use in MapleStorySEA for every account.
    All those who used to log in to the game since today was eligible to earn a free appreciation gift code for MapleStorySEA which could be used there.
    The gift is including Mega Burning Booster (Mega Burninator to gain 2 additional levels up to level 130), level 50, 100, 150 and 200 boxes which will expire 1 month later upon receiving the gift.
    Newly created accounts will receive armor sets for level 50, 100 and 150 while existing accounts will receive ability and enhancement items (for level 150 - 17 star enhancement scroll for items up to level 160).

    So it's a very sad for me personally as I played there myself and enjoyed various fun events which were being held over the time.

    So, that's it. Hoping for a better future of the game as I believe that in certain way it's getting worse than how it was used to be previously few years ago.
  • Feedback on the Masteria Content Rework

    I must say to my opinion that the ITCG crafting feature which was removed was interesting thing (even if part of these were considered as complicated and long), which makes you work to get the wished items.
    Also, special equipment drops which were available by monsters around Masteria (Krakian Jungle, MesoGear, Phantom Forest and Crimsonwood Keep areas) were removed, too. This also makes the feeling really sad due to the removal of these special drops which could not be found elsewhere.
    Equips like
    Blue Musketeer Cape (Cape, lv. 95)
    Turquoise Musketeer Cape (Cape, lv. 95)
    Taru Spirit Cape (Cape, lv 80, available in Mo's Coin Shop)
    Flamekeeper Cordon (Gloves, lv 50)
    Eclipse Earrings (Earrings, lv 40)

    The following low level equips are no longer available:
    Level 10:

    Lita’s Ocean Gloves
    Cloak of Corruption
    El Nathian Cape
    Facestompers (Shoes, lv. 50)
    Flamekeeper Cordon (Gloves, lv. 50)
    Eclipse Earrings (Earrings, lv. 40)
    Onyx Blade
    Tiger's Fang

    And other rewards from the old Crimsonwood Keep PQ.

    Thank you for your attention!
  • MapleStory's fun facts and 17th January 2019

    Here is a great fun fact about MapleStory:
    Thursday, 17th January 2019, Global MapleStory is 5,000 days old!! *Clap Clap*


    So what is so special about that day???
    - Well, it's exactly 5,000 days since the Global MapleStory's service was launched officially (it was on 11th May 2005)!
    - In Korea MapleStory (KMS), they greatly celebrated that ever existing of the game about 2 years ago.
    - For that celebration, Nexon Korea invested in a special orchestra project of which is called MapleStory Symphony in Budapest.
    This happened 2 years ago, too. Classic MapleStory music have been remade with an orchestra! I'm sure that some of you remember it!
    One of the most known ones which was implemented into the game is the one called The Tune of The Azure Light featuring Arcana content released as part of the Arcane River region during Override (Beyond) days.

    The Tune of The Azure Light (Orchestra Version)

    Here's a track created using the theme of Masteria Through Time content:
    An Eternal Breath

    - If it's not enough, they invested in some special in-game events including some exclusive rewards including permanent decorative cash equipments such as Maple 5000 Days's Flag.
    But I think that the most special reward among the others which is permanent and transferable within characters in the same world of account
    is the Maple 5000 Days Cake Chair which is the only chair in game which greatly benefits with the fastest ever of HP and MP recovery - 5,000 HP and 5,000 MP every 10 seconds as the number the of days of celebration! To win that final reward, it required to collect candles from monsters for a 10th tier cake during the event period (up to 10 times).
    It was impossible to get all of them in one day, and if a day or two were missed, it was possible to complete these (up to 3 times a day).
    Rewards included a skill which is looking like this:

    Rumbling Maple Skill (can be used until the end of the event)

    Cake Chair (transferable within characters in the same world of account, permanent)

    Even though I'm not sure why it was not mentioned officially...

    Happy 5,000 days everyone!!
  • Change Character button not function as intended

    The Change Character which should allow to go back to the character selection screen and change characters without having to quit the game is moving back to the World Character Screen instead.

    In previous patch it was designed that the Change Character button allows the player to go back to the character selection screen and change characters without having to quit the game.
    I was aware this option was temporarily disabled intentionally in attempts to resolve certain stability issues.

    However, please enable this option again to work properly as the community like me wanted it.

    Thank you for listening!
  • Reward improvment / Old School equipment box

    Please consider to improve the regular rewards which are not changed and being repeated on every gachapon update.

    Today, some of regular rewards from Gachapon which are not that good are the following:
    Big Money Chair
    Dragon Chair (Inferno)
    Dragon Chair (Abyss)
    Lv. 125 Fearless Weapons (untradeable once equipped)
    Lv. 140 Lionheart/Dragon Tail/Falcon Wing/Raven/Shark Tooth Equipment Set (untradeable once equipped)
    Lv. 150 Amaterasu Equipment Set
    Some specific mounts
    100% scrolls for a specific weapon which gives +1 att/m.att
    60% scrolls for a specific weapon which gives +1 primary stat and +2att/m.att
    10% scrolls for a specific weapon which gives +3 primary stat and +5att/m.att
    70% dark scrolls for a specific weapon which gives +1 primary stat and +2att/m.att
    30% dark scrolls for a specific weapon which gives +3 primary stat and +5att/m.att
    and some more which are worthless/useless

    Rewards of old-school items I wish to see in game (tradeable, will be available with non bonus stats):

    Bamboo Spear
    Bamboo Sword
    Black Tube
    Black Umbrella
    Blood Snowboard
    Blue Valentine Rose
    Chocolate Shortcake
    Christmas Tree
    Colorful Tube
    Crescent Blade
    Crystal Crusher
    Dark Snowboard
    Diao Chan Sword
    Duck tube
    Emergency Rescue Tube
    Fishing Pole
    Frozen Tuna
    Frying Pan
    Glowing Whip
    Golden Snowboard
    Green Umbrella
    Green Ski
    Guan Yu Polearm
    Hula Hoop
    Japanese Map
    Light Purple Umbrella
    Maple Umbrella
    Maplemas Tree
    Orange Ski
    Red Flowery Tube
    Red Valentine Rose
    Pumpkin Lantern
    Purple Tube
    Silver Snowboard
    Sky Blue Starry Bandana
    Sky Blue Umbrella
    Sky Ski
    Sky Snowboard
    Super Snowboard
    Versalmas Cactus
    White Valentine Rose
    Yellow Valentine Rose

    Teru Teru Hairband
    Hair-bands for lv. 5/10/20/30/40/50/60/70
    Black Wisconsin
    Blue Maple Bandana
    Brown Adventurer Cape
    Colorful bandanas for lv. 10
    Colorful Ragged Capes for lv. 25
    Pink Adventurer Cape
    Pink Gaia Cape
    Purple Adventurer Cape
    Purple Gaia Cape
    Red Maple Bandana
    Stone Shield
    Yellow Gaia Cape
    White Maple Bandana
    Yellow Maple Bandana

    Lv. 150 Fafnir Equipment Set

    Green Shades
    Raccoon Mask
    White Raccoon Mask
    Dark Raccoon Mask
    Element Pierce
    Spectrum Goggles

    Chance to earn Onyx Apples
    Evolution Scroll for one-handed weapon 50% (can be used on any one-handed weapon)
    Evolution Scroll for two-handed weapon 50% (can be used on any two-handed weapon)
    Scroll for Gloves for ATT 100% - provides +3 attack
    Scroll for Gloves for M.ATT 100% - provides +3 magic attack
    And more...

    I believe the equipment rewards should be given with a generated random range of stat options.
    For example, for White Bandana which it has 8 weapon def - there is a chance it will have 8~12 def.