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  • [Game] Flirt with the person about you ♡

    This thread derailed, like my heart when I saw ya. Let's put it back on track, ohhhhhhh~ *auto-tune*, BABE-Y!
  • [Game] Flirt with the person about you ♡

    If you were a tornado, I wouldn't mind you rockin' mah neighborhood~

    Alright! We're three trolls that are going to spread confusion (me), interwebz-cancer (you), what the heck just happened here!? (my equal), and who's the 4th one!? We need to be 4 to be the Trolls of the Apocalypse... Maryse. You'll be... reason...!? Yeah. I pick you as the 4th one. And ain't no way you'll refuse! You can't refuse a Canadian-to-Canadian request! That's definitely unCanadian-like!
  • Nexon Please start change the game graphic!

    The game's graphics are good enough. The backgrounds are hand drawn (so they can hardly age, if ever), and they revamped the pixel graphics more than once (especially the skills).

    And like people mentioned, they are already revamping the graphics in 2.5D. Some bosses are already like that (Ursus & Zakum for now).

    True, many games that are ridiculously popular have 3D graphics. But they are not leading in this regard. LoL, DOTA2, TF2. They have good graphics, but nothing to brag about. They are cartoonish and cute. That's what people like.

    MapleStory has its style, like these games have theirs. 3D or 2D/2.5D, not that many care about it, as long as it's pleasing them.

    I've seen 3D or 2.5D games with "better" graphics than MapleStory, but they were mind bogglingly bland.

    Root Abyss bosses are quite impressive. They are my favorite bosses in MapleStory in terms of looks. I hope Nexon will make other bosses as awesome as them. Pink Bean is cute (it's MapleStory's comic relief!). But the RA crew is in a league of their own.

    And the proof graphics don't matter (to a certain point). Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, Clash Royale, Fallout Shelter, and Game of War are quite popular, and they do not have impressive graphics either. Yes, they are mobile games. But if graphics were THIS important, this would apply to every game, not just consoles/handhelds/PC.

    As long as a certain standard is met, people won't care. And MapleStory has met that standard again and again.
  • Game won't do anything after starting up

    You did all of these things?

    Reinstall, modify the compatibility options, change MapleStory's priority in Task Manager, install the lastest drivers (or maybe get some older ones if MapleStory previously worked on your PC but after a update from Windows 10, MapleStory stopped working).

    If you did all of this and none worked, try to see if others have your problem in the technical issues sub-forum.

    I think Nexon did a patch when Windows 10 was fresh out of Microsoft's oven and made MapleStory Windows 10 compatible. So I don't think it's a Windows 10 exclusive problem, but a more general problem.

    Also, in which way it doesn't work?

    Crash while it loads (you can see an orange mushroom jumping if it loads), never opens while giving you an error code (you never see a loading in this case), or the game opens, you can login and play a little, and only after that it crashes?