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for anyone that wants to help list of suggestions


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  • World Merge FAQ

    I don't like this transfer shenanigans Nexon is pulling off, if players lose characters or progress in some way like items/monster collection/codex/achievements/quests in progress/etc... data in general from their past mapling, just so they don't have to maintain "dead" servers is telling enough about the status of the game right now

    In my opinion, despite possibly being censored or something I'll say this

    People over the years asked for classic servers for a reason and it wasn't just to suffer in very painful low exp rates and big maps and less content or to stay afk all day in Henesys WE had a very important thing back then

    Nexon took away from Maplestory something very important for any successful mmo, a very important thing being to enable players to cooperate
    Of course, players are also partially to blame me included for letting this mess reach this low,

    Welp I started rambling again my point is the game would benefit from a restart err please no reboot or big bang those didn't work

    I could be wrong but just making the player FEEL needed in the group/party would make a difference, not just a player being carried to "insert boss name" after they reach lv 200+ that will happen only when solo play is not "the best way to play" or the mindset of competition from players change to cooperation, maybe is too late for this


    its okay to have dreams but...
  • When are we getting newer (higher) resolutions

    you need to understand that maplestory its a game from 2003 not 2018 in order to change the resolution the developers need to invest their time and resources on the new skeleton system while the original code for 2D remains stable at best
    look for example they "updated" mushroom shrine but they left a link to showa its a map with a few errors in there but its not that bad
    the branch of nexon in america actually has a group that changed the code many times (not for the better i think) but probably in the future they will add more stuff related to that... by the way theres a few issues more important than higher res options
  • Will the Wondroid event ever return in the future?

    WatcherCCG wrote: »
    After all the hate they got for the JQ nonsense and the elitist gatekeeping it inspired, I really hope Nexon NA either scraps this event or nerfs the hell out of it should try ever try to run it again. Events should be accessible to everyone, not a handful of old-timers from the days of John's Bucket and Shumi's Coin.

    this opinion doesnt help anyone in th community or nexon
    for starters am glad nexon did try something diferent i hope they keep up with a mix of things to do in order to entertain the players
    after a while it gets boring to kill 200 "insert random mob name" for an item type of event

    am happy that jump quests came back with a twist the wondroids are meh but i like the level 120 heart more than any of the wondroids
    the jump quests are not hard at all there are guides in youtube and tips but like a lot of people said already patience is key

    if you get triggered &/or depresed because you fail at somepoint
    instead of getting angry think what went wrong on your part so you wont do it again
    this event is acesible to everyone its your choice to avoid it or to give up in the middle of it
    this comes from one of those you call old-timers
  • Please dont remove gamelauncher my only wayto play

    i found a way to play the game i made a backup of the game files unistalled maplestory and the nexon launcher
    then did a clean boot again installed maple in a new folder not in appdata or the default nexon makes
    then i installed the nexon launcher also in another folder but i did stoped it from running its auto updates cause it gets stuck there everytime closing the process then i changed the launcher default folder for maplestory and after a few tries of getting stuck in the "verifing" it did work
    somehow by the way am using win7 soo i wonder

    something its weird tho
    i have the game files in a folder and the nexon launcher has also a folder for the game files but its not where i have the game files i hope am explaining myself properly
    also i didnt delete the default nexon launcher folders for the games this time i just made a new one if that helps anyone to run this game
    i guess ill make a backup of the gamefiles from now on just in case

    damn after a month of attemps to make it run before the best way to play the game was removed am glad i can play
    even tho it takes me a few tries to get it to work
    thanks everyone that tried to help i just hope this issues get fixed soon