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for anyone that wants to help list of suggestions


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  • rudals98 wrote: » I think I just found another way to fix it. Didn't work for me same message
  • People shouldn't need a vpn to download a game that's not going to help the user or nexon unless this is a secret campaign to lure users to use those
  • Well I don't want to use steam not because is bad I just think of it as a last resort if nothing else works I'm still trying to download the game but so far no luck
  • Beware if you use that vpn there is a small chance to get permaban... but honestly would nexon ban someone for trying to play their game? https://support-maplestory.nexon.net/hc/en-us/articles/115000958183-Can-I-use-VPN-to-play-Nexon-games-
  • Ghost ship badge should return maybe in event for hallow... oh nexon doesn't have those anymore right? oh well I agree with an extra permanent pendant slot tbh buying it every 30 days is sort of pay to win and ill be always against that but meh wha…
  • Beating any boss with lag is exciting
  • Bulbasaur wrote: » For the bolded, incorrect; it is evident that you did not understand what was stated. Why are you even wasting your time it's clear some people value their time more they don't care about the game Pay to win "players" only e…
  • I support this suggestion because it would open a lot of options for my characters to wear cool items I'm against sjws doing in real life because is ruining things for many but you see that is absolutely not relevant with this suggestion
  • I can only say that despite being called selfish or outright attacked for simply missing good old times despite the flaws the game had back then back then what players had to struggle with was way more unique and rewarding than in recent maple s…
  • Fluid, then don't try bucc it's very stiff and boring don't try it even on 5job when it nearly changes the class completely to a summoner it's a disgrace to main
  • Kinesis was unique until Nexon started using his sprites in every character, I miss the old round faces too many squares now eww
  • I guess things will get worse, I didn't know the game had a limit to how many drops you can get per day, hold on. Actually, how many items do have this ridiculous limit by the way? also, why is this in any way good to keep players in-game?
  • I kind of like the idea of the toggle on/off for summons/character transformations/shields or Aoe things and make passive the attack+/attack speed/stat buffs
  • I don't like the name for the world I will be forced into (´Д`*) rip Demethos Also, I'm super anxious about this merge cause I don't want to lose any of my progress and since Legion will be reset I just can't stop thinking what if they reset my ac…
  • Is weird how somehow every update something in the game breaks so I'm not the only one with this issue I guess well I already sent a ticket aswell please fix this
  • I know there is a list of the usual pets but not like a complete list of everyone like only images of some at best so I guess it's just a loose end for now
  • Well there is not much info about pets anywhere but the usual list I just realized that moonbeam is a fox so I might actually buy welp but still not 100% sure I want to thanks for sharing your thoughts
  • Sunoel wrote: » I have a new class idea... Man, do these even make their way up? Anyway, I have an idea for a brawler class because I'm tired of our current selection. They never appealed to me from the beginning, and didn't grow on me after all …
  • Adding the link skill of each character plus the stats shared within the legion system? that's even better than my suggestion lol
  • Nexon Korea dropped the ball, they could have made it the most epic stuff ever but meh, nothing they do is going to be worse than ruining the game with the big-bang Maybe the branch in USA actually makes it better I used to imagine it, like a fi…