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  • MapleStory Community Survey Results and Plans

    Thank you for compiling these survey results, it is much appreciated :)

    I really hope more progress is made to server stability. The issues listed in the original post are only a fraction of the stability issues that players face - things like getting booted to login screen when changing channels and random client crashes (not even during 2x) make regular gameplay really frustrating.

    As for the results of the forum usage - most people answered they do not visit the forums for answers / info. I wouldn't chalk that up to lack of interest in the forum model. I think the low usage of these forums is a result of players coming to the official Nexon channels for official Nexon help, and not getting it.
    The only reason for going through an official Nexon channel is to have your post seen by a Nexon Employee - on the data chart it shows that a majority of people who frequent the forums come here specifically to bring attention to game related issues, or to get information on new events / in game happenings. These are both things that Nexon is expected to provide, not the player base. I love that you would like to improve communication between the player base and Nexon, but I worry that with starting a new Discord channel for communication, you will be spreading yourselves too thin. Managing one form of communication well is better than having multiple channels where answers are few and far between.

    That being said, I think making further improvements to communication on the forums could possibly boost usage - I wouldn't give up on the forums completely. See if you can improve communication here, and if not, maybe start a discord. Because if players continue to get player driven responses rather than official Nexon answers, what is the point of going to any Official Nexon Channel? Just a thought.
  • character slot coupons as hotweek

    I always get sad when we get those as rewards lol.
    I wish for this one they would give us the option to choose a character slot coupon or inventory slot coupon. Inventory slot coupon you can at least use on side characters if your main is maxed.
  • How was your IGN invented?

    I wanted the IGN Luna but it was taken, so I added an "i" and an extra "n" for the IGN Liunna and I love it so much that I use it for all the games I play :)
  • chu chu island pq lags

    I used to lag, DC, and not be able to pick up items all the time in that PQ. Someone here on the forums suggested that it may be because you are not killing monsters in less than 3 hits. This was true for me, because I was using my hurricane move. I've switched to using my other move that has more lines, so I take less "hits" to kill the monsters - and my lag & item pick up situation is, for the most part, solved. I still disconnect from time to time, and when I do I change channels. Usually when I find a "good" less populated channel, I am able to PQ no problem. Hope this helps.
  • your favourite mobbing class?

    I have a lvl 160 blaze wiz and I liked it a lot! Mage + flash jump is fantastic & great fun.
    I love my Wind Archer for mobbing, I can clear maps quick and the skills look so nice. :P My lvl 200 tornado skill is pretty great, that plus my arrows flying all over the place and my regular mobbing skills makes training really fast.