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  • Enforcing rules before announcing them

    Agreed that if Nexon monitors what is said over all external fan sites and be able to ban people based on what is said on such websites, it should be clearly stated in their code of conduct or terms of use.

    I think the main problem in all of this is that Reddit is considered to be an "official" Maplestory fansite - which is a super grey area. Even though Nexon doesn't really take care of it, they have fan page guidelines that kind of covers it: "Website must not link or contain content that violates Nexon Terms of Use and End User License Agreement." and "Website content must not contain defamatory content towards Nexon and Nexon games." It is not clear whether this gives them authority to ban people who are posting on the website - one would assume it would mean they would remove it as an "official maplestory fansite" - but who really knows for sure. So this rule is here - its just super vague, doesn't seem clear on consequences and is also buried in the "submit your personal fansite" page where no regular user would think to look. The only thing for sure is that /r/maplestory is an official maplestory fansite and as long as they are "official" they are covered by these vague guidelines.
  • Why Maplestory?

    Firstly, why do you play Maplestory rather than other games and what is it about this game that makes you keep playing?
    I like the style, the 2-D side scrolling and the relaxing gameplay. I like that I can relax at home and casually kill some monsters while watching Netflix after a busy day of work. Also I started playing over 8 years ago and have invested a lot of time into the account, back when I didn't work as much. Its a lot harder for me to get in to a new MMO now that I don't have hours and hours to spend building it up, and much easier to just contribute to my existing maplestory account, which I enjoy.

    Secondly, Do you like the art style?
    The art style is adorable :) The style of this game is what drew me in - I love the charming designs and monsters.

    Thirdly, How would you Improve the game?
    Stability. If I were a new player trying out this game and experienced this much crashing and lag, I would try a different game and forget about this one. Yes it is charming, but if you haven't played it for years and experienced the good parts of it, you have less reason to fight through the constant client crashes.
    I would also improve the botting and hacking situation we have here, it is really out of control. There are more things, but these are my top two that I would fix first.

    Fourthly, How does this game make money and are you happy with how they monetize? Have you spent money on the game?
    Through the cash shop, NX wearable item covers & random chance items that improve your characters stats and give you an edge over characters who don't buy from the cash shop. I am okay with them monetizing through NX wearables, but not the P2W aspect of the cash shop. Yes, I have spent money on the game.

    Fifthly, If they release more content would you play? Also, If a game similar to it is released would you try it?
    Yes, I would still play if they released more content. I don't know if I would try a new game similar to maplestory. There isn't much reason for me to search for another game like this when I have this one.

    Lastly, What are your thoughts on the balance of the game, the PVP, PVE content, questing, and any other thoughts?
    I wouldn't say this is a very balanced game as there is a large division between people who spend money on NX and those who do not - and an even larger division if you bring people who benefit from botters into the mix. I like that there is no PVP. Quests are sometimes okay (the new Chu Chu quest line was nice) but the rewards for many quests don't seem scaled to the game, making them easily skipped content - as people can get more exp and rewards through regular hunting.
  • Suggestions for Royal Hairs/Faces & Perm NX Covers

    Tanya wrote: »
    I would like to see Siren hair back & Nymph hair! (I can't remember if these were all star or royals sorry >_< I just really like those hairs XD)

    Also I recently saw someone with this gorgeous long hair with a braid at the front but I didn't screen shot it - I can't find it anywhere! Whatever hair that is, I also want it XD

    Was it wavy goddess hair?

    It wasn't wavy goddess hair - although that one is gorgeous too & I would like to see that one back as well! :O there are just so many nice hairs. I'll keep searching & post when I find it! :3
  • Solution/Petition to Reduce Lag and Deflation.

    I agree that hackers "food source" needs to be taken away from them - but I also agree with AKradian's above point of the harmful effect of removing meso drops on new players & suggestion of a verification system for new accounts. Perhaps new accounts should be trade blocked until they verify their accounts via phone number or another unique piece of ID - with a 24 hour processing time for the trade block to be removed. These things would at least slow the hackers down. I have played games with a verification system in the past and did not mind doing it at all.

    If removing mesos was implemented - perhaps the equivalent of mesos that would have been gained from mobs should be added to the quest lines in the surrounding areas / levels. It would provide better rewards for doing quests and it would be a tedious task for hackers to complete and turn in quests - wasting more of their precious botting time & forcing them to rely on selling items - also a time waster. New players on the other hand, would most likely be questing so this wouldn't hurt them.

    Nexon should definitely be considering alternate systems for reducing botting because the current system of banning them one by one is not working. Not only that but there are no real repercussions for players who buy from the meso selling sites (again, the banning system is too slow to keep up with the amount of people). As long as there are customers, botters will continue to infest the servers.
  • Let DROP Coupons survive disconnection

    This needs to happen. During the first 2x event this weekend I stupidly went to chu chu island (silly me for wanting to train in a place for my level) - resulting in getting roughly 20 minutes of extra 2x drop from my 3 HOURS worth of drop coupons thanks to dcing and losing each coupon.

    Also, wealth potions lose their drop effect too, but i believe exp accumulation potions stay active after a dc - so these should also be considered!