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  • Wind archer for speed/mobility/arrows flying everywhere, Kanna for more monsters for my arrows to hit
    in Fusion Comment by Tanya May 2017
  • Thanks guys, I had no idea that in game reporting was broken at some point, I'd be curious to find out what happened with that too. I'll stick to the ticket system then
  • I also have some hacker reporting questions as well. I usually do not take screenshots of hackers and use the in game reporting function instead. Does in-game report actually work or will reporting via ticket yield better results? When reporting …
  • My favourite is when you are trying to report an actual hacker in the map, and you get this error because you are in a laggy hackers map. I think actual hackers have programs in place to avoid this kind of error - perhaps Nexon should look at updati…
  • Thank you for compiling these survey results, it is much appreciated I really hope more progress is made to server stability. The issues listed in the original post are only a fraction of the stability issues that players face - things like gett…
  • I always get sad when we get those as rewards lol. I wish for this one they would give us the option to choose a character slot coupon or inventory slot coupon. Inventory slot coupon you can at least use on side characters if your main is maxed.
  • I wanted the IGN Luna but it was taken, so I added an "i" and an extra "n" for the IGN Liunna and I love it so much that I use it for all the games I play
  • This is great I love the suggestion of being able to obtain more herbs and ores through levelling up your skills, and I also think the suggestion for Alchemists to be able to craft summons sounds pretty awesome. I feel like these are suggestions Ne…
  • I've killed it once, on my wind archer. Most of the time it disappears on me because I can only do 1 dmg at a time and I end up hitting other monsters with my regular attack instead of it. I really want to collect those event boxes but it is just no…
  • YESSSS so excited that the drop rate of these will be reduced THANK YOU
  • I used to lag, DC, and not be able to pick up items all the time in that PQ. Someone here on the forums suggested that it may be because you are not killing monsters in less than 3 hits. This was true for me, because I was using my hurricane move. I…
  • I like seeing that hackers are being banned There are some great suggestions here for more things that could be added to give us more details about the banned hackers if IGNs can't be provided. I like the suggestion of adding in how many accounts …
  • PrincessNinjato wrote: » Tanya wrote: » Early congrats ;D I'm curious - of Chu Chu and Lach, where do you prefer training? Is there one that you find has less lag / less DC than the other? I just got to Lachelein so I'm still wondering if thi…
  • Early congrats ;D I'm curious - of Chu Chu and Lach, where do you prefer training? Is there one that you find has less lag / less DC than the other? I just got to Lachelein so I'm still wondering if this place will cause less or more DCing :P
  • Yes please this x10000!! A nodestone almost disappeared on me yesterday because I kept having to drop egg chickens to clear my inventory for it and my pet kept picking up more eggs instead
  • I have a lvl 160 blaze wiz and I liked it a lot! Mage + flash jump is fantastic & great fun. I love my Wind Archer for mobbing, I can clear maps quick and the skills look so nice. :P My lvl 200 tornado skill is pretty great, that plus my arrows…
  • Agreed that if Nexon monitors what is said over all external fan sites and be able to ban people based on what is said on such websites, it should be clearly stated in their code of conduct or terms of use. I think the main problem in all of this…
  • Personally, I don't agree with Questions, Tips & Tricks being taken away. While sometimes it was used for people who had technical or glitch questions, it was also used for gameplay questions and I used it when I had questions about the game tha…
  • Ive had an issue solved in the past after the GM forwarded it to the game team to test, which is always fantastic (it was fixed quicker than I expected too!). However, I definitely have had my fair share of frustrating ticket experiences, and issues…
  • I just tell them I am a guy IRL. It goes from creepy flirting to shocked anger real fast.