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June 9, 1995
  • Anyone got cubes or flames from elite bosses?

    I haven't seen any drops either. I'm probably somewhere around 100 kills doing dailies on 5-7 characters. The fact that they're calling these changes an improvement and "a better maple" is what really Mondays my Garfield. Non-Reboot EMobs went from dropping a cubic blade/unrelenting flame every 2 kills or so, to some ridiculously small drop rate that's not even noticeable to the average player. This is already a massive nerf even if you ignore the additional nerf to boss dropped cubes and removal of flames. I expected EMobs to drop cubes and flames with rates around 1 in 5 or 1 in 10. Instead, we got 1 in several hundred... Improved obtainment, they said...
  • Character Map Reset

    This suggestion is mainly in response to the May 2nd Lachelein map crashes that locked people out from playing the game. RIP two days of Maple Tour and coin dailies

    Add a way to reset a character's location, to move them to a default map, either to the official website's account settings or in-game on the character selection screen. Rather than waiting on the development team to fix a map crashing issue, or flooding the support team with character movement Tickets, it would be more convenient for everyone, to add a permanent option to force a character's location to Henesys, in example. The dev team won't have to rush to find a fix, the support team won't have thousands of extra tickets to respond to, and the players won't miss out on timed events and daily quests.
  • Maple Fashion: Design Story 2021 - Outfits

    IGN: SneakyCheeky
    World: Reboot (NA)

    No stealing from other IPs but there's nothing in the rules about stealing from Nexon themselves :^)

    The hat and gloves would be animated like fire but that kind of animation is far too complex for me.
    If this does happen to be picked, I'm hoping the Mastema sprite would be re-used from the pet. Tiny Mastema is so adorable.
    There's no cape because I don't want it to overwrite Demon's natural wings.

  • Maple Globe - Remove item limit for leveling up


    It's pretty terrible design to have a time limited event where you have to farm Exp-esque drops everyday to level up before the event ends but then lock your progress completely behind other RNG drops with abysmally low drop rates. You either have to get insanely lucky or dedicate five hours or so every single day, grinding low level content like Ghost Park, Dimension Invasion, and Jump Quests. Otherwise, you just can't complete the event at all.

    I can appreciate that they tried getting players to re-experience old, mostly irrelevant content but making the drop rates so low that the only way to get them is by doing it on a dozen characters is absolutely ridiculous.

    At least let us keep collecting the 200 daily exp without leveling up, and then immediately jumping up to the appropriate level when we finally get the decorations we need after 50 exhausting attempts at old PQs. This event is just a stressful grind.
  • Arcane Symbol Equipment Slots

    Arcane Symbols being given away as individual equipment items forces the player to have a set amount of open slots to be able to progress in the game through non-event quests. The "Unending Night" Celestial event makes this inefficiency even worse. In the final week of the event, if I wanted to take advantage of it fully, I would need twenty-four open equipment slots to be able to redeem the reward for the Vanishing Journey daily quest (7 base symbols from the reward quest, multiplied by 3 through the S rank event effect, plus an additional 3 from the Celestial event skill points). As someone who likes to hold on to event items, I don't have 24 free slots in my inventory. As a result of this, events that multiply Arcane River daily quest rewards are detrimental for me because I can't complete the quests at all. In addition to this, the event provides Nodestones for completing those dailies. My main character no longer needs Arcane Symbols but still benefits from the free Nodes. Having Symbols take up multiple slots causes another problem of wasting the player's time when trying to get rid of the unusable Symbols, being forced to drop and destroy each one individually.

    The simple fix to these issues would be to replace the Arcane River quest rewards with Coupons, ones that function similarly to the Arcane Symbol Selector Coupons from events, albeit ones that only distribute Symbols from that one specific area. I.e. Completing Vanishing Journey daily quests would reward 8 Vanishing Journey Coupons that stack up to 99 in the player's Use inventory. Chu Chu Island would have its own Chu Chu Coupons and so on. The player would then be able to use the coupons at their own leisure and not worry about inventory space at all.