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June 11, 1992
  • The game is cluttered - no real community

    Zepais wrote: »
    Xelthine wrote: »
    ... What am I even reading?
    It feels like something Donald Trump would write and reading it makes me feel dumber.

    I guess the majority of players nowadays weren't even born when Maple Story came out.
    When this is all you know since birth you won't have anything to compare it to.

    I feel dumber when I read pointless comments like yours.

    I started playing maplestory, and stop playing it aswell before the pirate class was even a thing. I returned to the game a few years ago, but unlike you I came in with an open mind instead of those rose tinted glasses that you appearently wear.

    I was excited about experiencing all the new things that the game had recieved during my absence, and despite its flaws I loved most of it.
    But I guess that you went for an explorer, just grinded your way up to the point that you are at right now, ignoring the new content like the 2 Blockbuster storylines: Black Heaven and Heroes of Maple, never set your foot in Friendstory, then proceeded to whine like the spoiled brat that you are about the game that is not how you remember it, thus it has to change according to your own preferences.

    All I can read in your post is how you don't bother experiencing and learning the new things, so they are too "complicated" and should be reverted back to how you remember them being.

    And perhaps worst of all, you use words like "NO-ONE cares" and "It doesn't excite ANYONE anymore", when this is infact not true. You are not talking for the masses here, you are only talking for YOURSELF.

    If you gave any actual arguments as to why you think it is how it is, I might have taken you a bit more serious, but you just went on a Nostalgia blinded rant, and I can't take you serious.
  • MapleStory Login music

    I have a better idea, add a "jukebox" of sorts where we can choose our login music to some extent, just like we can in Elluel. (That actually saves upon logging out)
  • Clean look

    I definitely want something like that, I am one of those persons that wants as little flashy stuff as possible, so if I had the option to hide my pets & android while still benefiting from them such as auto looting & such, I'd be really happy. Half of the time, I can't even see my character because of all my pets and my android.

    As I'm maining an Evan I also have a big dragon flying after me, and I think that should be eunogh.

    Alternatively they could put the following pets & android behind the player instead of in front, that would remove some of my concerns.
  • How was your IGN invented?

    I played World of Warcraft for quite some time, and at some point I named myself Enethil which is basically just Menethil (A royal family name in warcraft lore) minus the M.

    I also am a big fan of Kingdom Hearts.
    A few years later, I made a new character which I named Xelthine which is an Anagram of Enethil plus an X, which is how the names in Organization XIII is decided.
    I've stuck with this name ever since.
  • MapleStory's 12th Terrorversary

    Looks like Halloween will come twice this year.