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  • Improve Cash Shop RNG Boxes

    Please provide better value for the high amount of money you're collecting for RNG boxes.

    In the current philo rotation, for example, I would suggest these changes:

    Reward list 2:
    -All mounts permanent instead of temporary
    -Combine all damage skins into "damage skin selection" boxes with choice of damage skin
    -Increase from 1 nodestone to 25
    -Remove spell trace
    -Replace all bags with 40 slot bags
    -Remove forever unrelenting flame
    -Remove red flame
    -Increase rainbow flame to at least 5
    -Remove all main potential scrolls that are not at least epic
    -Replace all slot expansion coupons with selectable slot expansion
    -Remove miraculous chaos

    Reward list 1:
    -Remove all empress gear
    -Stop including Oz rings unless they are level 3 and 4 versions
    -Add ring of torment coupon
    -Add frenzy totem
    -Consider replacing the random fafnir weapons with 15 vellum tokens
    -Consider the same for the CRA armours
    -Why is permanent pendant rate so low? It's not as good of a reward as you think it is.

    The rates for anything decent are extremely low... yet people still buy them. Still some of these improvements would be considered QoL only and you might actually implement them?
  • Freedom of Speech

    A conversation could be had about specific forum rules if you have an issue. Nexon might care what we think. Based on Akradian's response that's probably not needed.

    On the topic of forum rules I do think it's funny that so many people want old maple that it had to be banned as a topic here.
  • We need the servers fixed, not minor buffs.

    I'll admit it's nice that you recognize the gap created by the missing familiars (random familiar buff event) but it would be a far larger improvement to our bossing experience if the servers didn't lag you out for 15 second periods at random times. Of course it's not limited to bossing either, just try staying online in the same channel for more than an hour while grinding.
  • FrenzyTotem NERF ¡¡

    'Nerf' it by selling more of them. The only problem with frenzy is they turned it into a legacy item.
  • Time to again consider allowing cash 2x coupons

    Cash exp coupons are currently disabled for characters level 250-275.

    It was original suggested that this was to "protect the rankings". It's unclear how a single source of advantage is not OK, and others like frenzy totem ARE OK. However, if we accept that the ranks needed this protection then has 1.5 years been long enough? Can we enable them now?

    If the ranks are so precious why are cash exp coupons allowed for 1-250 in the first place? It should be all or nothing is my only point here.

    People often say reboot and maplestory are different games, and I'll agree to that. Do we think that taking more than twice as long to reach max level should be one of those differences though? Enabling these exp coupons will allow maplestory players to save time reaching the level cap.

    Keep in mind I am open to other possible changes that achieve the same end goal. For example we could have more monster diversity in maplestory. In the same way that reboot has much higher HP/Exp mobs we could also have varied difficulty within the end game zones. Perhaps each region has 3 tiers of monsters. The current HP/Exp/etc being tier 2, tier 1 being lower hp variants, and tier 3 being 3x HP and Exp. Each map would be a single 'tier' and deeper maps would be stronger. There would be at least one t1 map available for each monster. Changes like this of course, even if we agree on them, are never going to happen. It's a lot easier to just ask them to turn on something they're going to enable eventually anyway.