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  • Which V-node skills for I/L Mage?

    V skills:
    (get all 3)
    Ice age*
    Snow spirit*

    Also get but later:
    Mana overload
    Ethereal form
    Unreliable memory

    Passives: (in order of importance, may or may not be accurate)
    Chain lightning*
    Lightning Orb
    Frozen Orb
    Other skills shouldn't matter iirc.

    Additional V skills:
    This is largely personal preference.
    Recommend Wil's spider skill at 235+
    dHS* always good if you need hs

    dCO, dSE, dSI are all great if you don't already have them on equips and/or don't like switching to decent gear.

    Additional skills optional if you want them.

    You can use 1 special node but they expire every week.

    I added a * to the most important ones for grinding. You have to just get what you can until you level and unlock more slots.
  • Is it possible to make a Futuroid?

    Gaga has been depressed ever since wondroid and won't help us make futuroids.

    This is incredibly annoying as before wondroid we could always make futuroids outside the event period if we had the 7 pieces.
  • Allow exp coupons for 250-274

    Important: I believe the ranking separation arguments should be separate from the discussion of allowing or not allowing exp coupons for normal servers.

    Some argument in favour of 2x coupons:

    Up to 250 both reboot and normal servers leveled at a certain rate, and after the patch only one of these two servers took a 50% exp rate hit. We should allow normal servers to continue at the same rates by allowing exp coupons.

    Unless the plan is to never allow exp coupons in the future, not allowing them immediately only punishes early levelers. We should be encouraging people to level to the new cap not discouraging. -> An additional note here: the longer it takes to add exp coupons the more punishing this is to early levelers who could have saved time with 2x.

    An interesting note, you can find the patch notes when exp coupons were enabled last time here: maplestory.nexon.net/news/2728/v-162--spring-into-summer-patch-notes The change is advertised as "a better maple" which I suppose means not having them is "a worse maple."

    Some rebuttals to arguments against exp coupons:

    "We didn't have them right away for 250, why would we for 275"
    The difference this time is that there is content at the max level that we need to level up for. When 250 was added it was nothing more than a vanity project and we had 2x coupons available LONG before leveling above 200 was even remotely "required."

    "2x coupons are pay2win"
    You could argue this, but normal servers are "pay2win" in many ways. It doesn't make sense to draw the line at 2x coupons when people can gain paid advantages through frenzy, better gear, etc. I would personally even argue that time saving forms of pay2win are the least offensive forms of pay2win. 2x coupons only help players who choose to buy them save time.

    Please add your own thoughts about exp coupons in normal servers.
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  • If the hacker issue won't be addressed...

    Correct or not, the perception is that nexon does not care about hackers. We see the same players get away with it for ages. The GM team either doesn't know what they're doing, doesn't check our reports, or is severely unstaffed which would again reinforce the idea that there's no real desire to deal with the rampant cheating.

    It's especially frustrating to see the few hackers who do get banned come back mere months later. I guess it doesn't matter how blatant your cheating is you'll just be forgiven.

    We were even told that the first hard will clears would be looked into and yet on my server and likely many others hackers solo'd him in the first week with no punishment at all.
  • If the hacker issue won't be addressed...

    Arwoo wrote: »
    As mentioned in this thread already, it's best to document the hacker and create a report to customer support.

    Return the tools that allow us to do this then.

    Bring back /find.
    Remove offline mode.
    Remove teleport blocking.
    Remove silent login.