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For the past few days I been trying my best to inform Nexon about recent false bans. My main account, a 232 Bishop Apocalyptian is one of them. I have over 1.5 mil contribs in our guild Akashic and close to 7000 legion. Getting a top legion (or at least on the list) has been a long time goal of mine. I have a 5 month old baby daughter and I end up afking alot more than I would like to admit. Lately I have also been lagging and dcing about 6 or 7 times before being able to log in. I was banned falsely due to "hacking and use of third party programs" I have been asking in the map where you get exp or coins overnight and I went to log the other day to find my account was banned. I was floored and confused, sad and frustrated. I can assure you with all I been through on my account I would never hack. I have no need or desire to do so. I been playing for over 13 -14 years and am proud to be legit.


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  • [COMPLETE] Scheduled Maintenance - Dec 8th, 2016

    Gee thanks nexon, i have so much hope in you and you screw us again. what a jip.
    while your at it why not just lower the number of coins we need in the shop to buy things. god people are so dumb =( I am sorely disappointed!
  • [COMPLETE] Scheduled Maintenance - Dec 8th, 2016

    it's amazing they can't even do a minor patch without f-ing it up, they somehow fixed a major one in one day, but a small patch that was never really needed? come on guys
    Everyone deserves respect...dont be rude, just be grateful they are fixing things! This lag and dcing has made the game VERY difficult to play recently. So they need a bit more time, do something else for a bit...read a book...go play in the snow....watch tv...do my dishes....see there is plenty to do =)
    everyone deserves respect. I agree. But being grateful for something which they are paid for and yet not being able to do their job properly is rubbish. Not everyone is 'friend' with nexon. Many speak as 'customer', thus results count and the results we have been getting has crossed the line to just ignore it. People defend nexon by saying that this lag issue with new update happened in other reqions before, but that is exactly the problem. Even though the issues are already known, they did a bad job by letting it happen again in global. And yet we have to be grateful.
    Does that mean you will do my dishes?
  • [COMPLETE] Scheduled Maintenance - Dec 8th, 2016

    Check southperry.net/stat.php
    OH MY GOSH CROSSWORLD IS UP.....said no one ever :P
  • [COMPLETE] Scheduled Maintenance - Dec 8th, 2016

    They need to just leave the boxes alone. After all the things we have endured this update (including alot of game downtime) it is a small yet good thing they can do to help us out. Most things are untradeable and so many coins anyways it would be nearly impossible to get all the neat things in the shop with the coins if they do limit them. Its just right the way it is. You have to actually hunt a while to get what boxes you want. Its not easy, its quite tedious to be honest. I am sure many people (me included) would greatly appreciate it if they left the boxes as is.
    Also they are fixing Afterlands? Nice....I wanted forever to finish that quest line but couldn't lol!
    while i also enjoy the free v coins and all...
    i think they should nerf the s*** out of them cuz its gonna cause deflation of unique/legendary equips
    while u might enjoy it now, its gonna worth nothing when u decide to sell them later if they continue to throw free v coins all day like this
    Most people dont have the money to waste on nx to get thier items that far. To us it is just a way we can attain the same effect but without the nx usage. We still have to work for it and hunt regardless of anything since it isnt automatic. I am a chair collector, phooey on equips and stats...I just want those chairs and mounts seeing as we dont get them ever again after this usually :)

  • [COMPLETE] Scheduled Maintenance - Dec 8th, 2016