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For the past few days I been trying my best to inform Nexon about recent false bans. My main account, a 232 Bishop Apocalyptian is one of them. I have over 1.5 mil contribs in our guild Akashic and close to 7000 legion. Getting a top legion (or at least on the list) has been a long time goal of mine. I have a 5 month old baby daughter and I end up afking alot more than I would like to admit. Lately I have also been lagging and dcing about 6 or 7 times before being able to log in. I was banned falsely due to "hacking and use of third party programs" I have been asking in the map where you get exp or coins overnight and I went to log the other day to find my account was banned. I was floored and confused, sad and frustrated. I can assure you with all I been through on my account I would never hack. I have no need or desire to do so. I been playing for over 13 -14 years and am proud to be legit.


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  • Anti-afk mobs...

    It's not like hackers or botters are gonna get that far. It's annoying. It is also a huge problem while doing 5th job quests on a mule in that dark tree area to chase that idiot npc. They knock you off ropes and make it also impossible to climb. So frustrating! It's got to be changed!
  • Snowflake Ring Problem ¡¡

    Actually write down this one as fixed for me too now
  • Guild Ranking

    Why not add all 50 of the top guilds in a map kind of like they did when people got to 200 way back when. Just have it in a portal inside the guild place. Simple. I mean, we all work hard for where we are. My guild Akashic is currently Rank 40 (as if last night when I checked) I haven't been on today because we haven't had power all day, literally. Still, that would be a good solution.
  • Bishop Hs

    I recently came back to MapleStory with my husband after being gone for 2 years. I am a bishop, he is a mihile.
    So all the convoluted changes they made to bishop had made it not fun or even practical anymore.

    Reason 1 - they nerfed Holy Symbol.
    Yeah, they went that low....now you use it on someone and that person has to be in the vacinity of your character to have full effects of hs. If not, it is only halfway effective. (Keep in mind even beast tamer on cat mode can be partied and give an exp buff passively over a whole map!)

    Reason 2- They have most of our unique skills as decent nodestones.
    Door, Angelic Blessing, and even Holy Symbol.
    With reason 1 being said, now the decent version is more efficient sadly. Why don't they have decent meditation or any other arch mage skills so we can use them the same? It's rather annoying!

    Upon returning I have found it very depressing to train seeing as everything that has made bishops unique in the past and needed is now gone. I can understand the cool downs on ultimates and things like that, I was even disappointed leech is non existent now. I train with my Kanna on anything and it gets no exp. How frustrating!

    I also learned that suddenly now the focus on life after achieving level 200 has become based on getting more range and endless boring dailies that are also sometimes frustrating to the extreme just to get more archane force. Bossing is also non-negotiable (yawn)
    It used to be about collecting things and having fun with friends. What happened? No one even goes pqing at all anymore! I wouldn't call that a positive change at all!

  • Snowflake Ring Problem ¡¡

    That was the reason my husband and I chose that ring was the boost in exp since we have trained our mains together forever. This would be nice to have fixed as well. Since apparently the ring doesnt give exp since the world merge.