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For the past few days I been trying my best to inform Nexon about recent false bans. My main account, a 232 Bishop Apocalyptian is one of them. I have over 1.5 mil contribs in our guild Akashic and close to 7000 legion. Getting a top legion (or at least on the list) has been a long time goal of mine. I have a 5 month old baby daughter and I end up afking alot more than I would like to admit. Lately I have also been lagging and dcing about 6 or 7 times before being able to log in. I was banned falsely due to "hacking and use of third party programs" I have been asking in the map where you get exp or coins overnight and I went to log the other day to find my account was banned. I was floored and confused, sad and frustrated. I can assure you with all I been through on my account I would never hack. I have no need or desire to do so. I been playing for over 13 -14 years and am proud to be legit.


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  • Question about Maple Relay Dominator Pendant

    The absolab is permanent. I have it on my Kanna from last relay event. You can't cube it or do starforce on it though.
    Hey it's got a good pot on it and everything I was happy.
  • Nexon to make new server?

    They would rather copy paste all the bugs from kms and have us have issues later with it.
    About the only way your going to get the "legacy server" experience is by private servers. I tried them once a long long time ago and I got bored easily. I mean, it's not the same joy you get doing things in the real game ya know?
    Honestly they should just have the old maps pre big bang open in the maple portal thing as another option. Let us all go in hhg1 and hang out again!
  • False bans back again?

    One thing you may want to check into now that I'm scared to death to be banned again for nothing is that I have dced like 5 times in a row again. I also can't change maps or even use my perma tele rock. Also the cash shop disconnected me as well. The lag is real :(
    For now I am just so greatful to have my account back I'm just going to stop trying to log and try tomorrow.
    Just being cautious you know but wanted to let y'all know it still isn't perfect. (Not that I expected perfect of course, but you get the point)
  • False bans back again?

    My husband just logged into my account and it's not banned anymore. My God I'm finding myself crying tears of joy!
    Thank you to all of you for your help, your support, and all of your efforts to make this dream a reality! I am currently laying here with my baby looking at me funny and smacking my phone as I type. Life has the most funny ways of changing things.
    I hope you all have the same success we did and thank you to all of you! Take care, good luck and happy mapling <3
  • False Ban Reports 6/22

    Thank you so so sooooo sooo much for the update and confirmation they have been working on this. I too had been banned. It's been 5 days now full of barely any sleep and alot of depression. My account means alot to me and my husband. I was on it when I met him over 8 years ago and we are now married in real life and have a 5 month old daughter. She's been acting peculiar as well and I know it's the anxiety I have been experiencing over all this.
    I have been playing for about 13-14 years and never hacked a day in my life, this game holds alot of sentimental value because of meeting my husband in it. Plus honestly I am too lazy to hack lol! I do afk alot though, as I said before I'm a new mommy, I suppose afk is my new middle name :)
    Anyways, thank you again for hearing us out. Does this mean our accounts are available again now if we sent you a ticket?(or in my case many)