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  • Now that you nerfed the Santa Box

    The system of doing these "daily quest" style V coin gatherings for a pittance of capped coins, saving up over days or even weeks for one decent prize at the end, just doesn't line up with what most Maple players want. It leaves us with nothing else desirable to do from the event. We don't care about "what's to come" with availability to more (restrictive and limited) coin gathering methods later down the road. The method of collection before the dumb nerf was just fine. The only thing that should have been adjusted was perhaps the drop rate of the boxes or the chance at them popping out coins, and I mean only just a little bit.

    Most of us are are hardcore grinders. TIME INVESTED = POWER GAINED and that's how we like it. From my understanding, which comes from years and years of playing this game and having countless friends/acquaintances/party buddies and so on, grinders are the target demographic of who plays MS the most. We'd rather spend hours foraging currency for an event, save up coins to get our prizes RIGHT NOW, then be able to actually ENJOY them while the event has brought a gathering of more people, showing off our shiny new toys and appearances and capabilities to friends in town, and so on.

    This new dynamic of restrictive rewards is one of the most idiotic changes I've ever seen to this game. It goes against everything that this game was founded on. To top that off, Nexon foolishly released a short period of unlimited availability to V coins upon release of the event, which created a situation of unfairness, with the extremes of imbalance, with the two sides being the haves and the have-nots with the grand 1,200 cost V coin ring.

    If I wanted all this dailies crap, I'd just go play WoW instead. Nexon has ruined this event for a lot of its players, 2 years in a row now. Disappointing.
  • santa boxes and V coins

    What about those who love the game but can only play a handful of hours a week, or only on the weekend? Those who love to grind for hours and farm for hours? Now reason to do that is gone. These daily limits make no sense, and 10 coins/day from those boxes IS a joke. it's downright insulting to the player base.

    This is a piss poor move on behalf of Nexon, and they f-ing KNOW IT. One of the worst I've seen yet. Who ever made this decision is being expremely spiteful toward us players. They just completely stripped the joy, the main reason to play this christmas event, directly from their players. There is NOTHING special left over to do now, so why bother logging in? I've seen some whoppers come from them the last few years, but this one is a VERY BAD move. I can not express this enough- Shame on you, Nexon.