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    They won't do that.

    Instead they should (pointless to say this because they won't do this either, lol) censored the letters of their mesos sale site names.

    For example, if their site name is Mesos4Sale.com then ANY person who write Mesos4Sale OR write a sentence that has all these letters of their mesos sale name site, will be censored.
    Whoever say that, his entire sentence will be censored, which means they will have no choice BUT to change their site name(which is not an easy task), after they change their site name, nexon will censored the letters of their new name as well, over and over.

    Soon or later they'll give up because you can't just change your site name all the time.

    This would be mostly ineffective. They would just use alternatives like tinyurl, bitly, et al.

  • Illium's Gameplay

    Better solution: Mule this garbage pile of a class and/or play something else.
  • All the stuff that went wrong after day change!

    My big question is this- if it was a "packet hack" then why was EVERYONE affected by it? How does a packet hack include even people who do not use hacks? Did someone hack the actual computers that run the game program?

    I logged in shortly before the emergency maintenance hit, saw ALL my characters burning, and said "nope nope nope", turned around immediately, closed the game, waited to hear news. I know way better by now than to log in when I see something that looks this screwy, and I'm still concerned about getting somehow banned just for even witnessing this from login screen.
  • DMT Heads Up

    This is a no-brainer. Please give us more than a measly 24 hours notice. Thanks kindly.
  • Nexon Launcher Problem

    The reason I'm posting this here is for visibility and confirmation, so that I know it is not just me. Nexon Launcher just required me to update upon closing the game, and after it updated, I can not sign in effectively. After typing in password, it is minimizing and then after a minute or so, popping back up, sitting unresponsive to my clicks on "Log In" button. Any one else having this issue?